Nikolas Cruz’s ‘Childlike’ Handwriting Suggests ‘Identity Crisis’ And ‘Defiant Nature’, Experts Claim

Florida school shooter Nikolas Cruz may be described as a troubled teenager but his “childlike” signature might just reveal something more serious — at least according to experts.

Speaking with the Daily Mail, two handwriting experts revealed their analysis on the 19-year-old gunman’s scrawl-like writing. The signature, which was obtained from a court document filed last week, allegedly revealed Cruz’s chaotic and impulsive personality.

Ruth Brayer, a court-certified handwriting expert, suggests that Cruz’s penmanship is indicative of being a nonconformist.

The Handwriting: Let the Power of Your Pen Change Your Life author believes that the teenage gunman “does not go by the rules” and likes to stand apart from the crowd.

She also said that Cruz’s handwriting is distorted and that the letters seem “out of control.” She specifically noted the way he writes the letter “o,” which appears more like the number six instead of a perfect circle.

“For a man of the age of 19, he should know how to do a circle.”

Brayer added that as a whole, Cruz’s handwriting is inconsistent, which suggests being “reckless and impulsive.”

Aside from being inconsistent, Brayer noted that Cruz’s writing is disjointed, adding that there is no connection between the letters. Apparently, this suggests that he does not connect to people as well.

It was also reiterated that his penmanship was “underdeveloped” and “neglected,” which possibly indicates an “identity issue.”

Meanwhile, Sheila Kurtz, CEO and founder of Graphology Consulting, echoed the same analysis. Based on her own examination, Cruz’s handwriting tends to veer to the left, which suggests “introversion.”

She also noted the inconsistencies in his writing, similar to Brayer’s observation.

Kurtz specifically pointed out the letter “K” in Nikolas, which was capitalized. Apparently, Cruz signed the letter twice as large as the others. She suggests that it is indicative of defiant feelings.

She also pointed out how Cruz wrote the letter “a” in his name in a way that signals “family problems” that were never dealt with.

Brayer and Kurtz’s analysis on Cruz’s handwriting reflects earlier reports of his family history and mental health background.

Nikolas Cruz open-fired at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Valentine’s Day, killing a total of 17 people. He is currently facing 17 counts of premeditated murder and remains behind bars in a maximum security facility.