Future Plans For Ronda Rousey-Stephanie McMahon Rivalry Revealed

Juan Paolo David

Ronda Rousey has already made a big impact in the WWE ever since becoming a superstar. Rousey has resumed her feud with Stephanie McMahon and she appears to be heading to WrestleMania 34. With all the signs pointing to a Mixed Tag Team Match at WrestleMania 34, the WWE already has future plans for the Ronda-Stephanie rivalry.

As recapped by WWE.com, Rousey officially joined Monday Night Raw after signing a contract at Elimination Chamber. "Rowdy" was greeted by general manager Kurt Angle, commissioner Stephanie McMahon, and her husband Triple H. Things were a bit awkward and cringe-worthy at the start but they picked it up towards the end of the segment.

Rousey put Triple H through a table before Stephanie came to her husband's aid by slapping the former UFC women's bantamweight champion. Stephanie ran following a death stare by Rousey, who signed her contract. According to Ramona Shelburne of ESPN, the slap was legitimate as Ronda had a handprint welt on her face backstage.

The next night on Raw, Rousey demanded an apology from Stephanie and it was given. However, Triple H sucker punched Angle to end the show while Rousey tends to the fallen general manager. With WrestleMania 34 about a month away, it seems like Rousey will team up with Angle to battle The Authority.

According to Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer (h/t Sportskeeda), the WWE has big plans for both women but they specifically wanted Ronda Rousey to feud with Stephanie McMahon. The reasoning behind it is the WWE wants to make Stephanie a bigger star with the rivalry drawing inspiration from the famed Stone Cold Steve Austin-Vince McMahon rivalry during the Attitude Era.

"Rousey is a major sports star. The idea that she was the single most searched female athlete in the U.S. on the Internet in 2017, a year she never competed and for the most part laid low in, speaks volumes. The idea for the program is to make Stephanie a star outside of just the pro wrestling world."

With Ronda-Stephanie, the WWE shifts its focus on the women's revolution. It has ups and downs but the company continues to make history with the women's division. Rousey is a big shot to the WWE's arm and she will certainly help the company gain more casual fans.