Thomas Gibson, Graham Greene, And Louise Lombard To Star In A New TV Series Pilot: ‘Shadow Wolves’

Thomas Gibson best known as Hotch on Criminal Minds, joins Academy Award-nominated Graham Greene, and well known British actress Louise Lombard, in the new TV pilot, Shadow Wolves. The pilot will introduce some young heartthrobs, including Cody Walker, who will star as a “ruggedly handsome” if somewhat “brutal” NSA operative, as well as several handsome Native American stars including Kiowa Gordon and Andrew Gray, according to the Shadow Wolves site.

Thomas Gibson will portray Colonel Branson, head of an NSA Terrorism Unit. Branson’s number one Operative Eric Shaw, portrayed by Cody Walker, will work together with the elite and secretive border patrol unit comprised of Native Americans called Shadow Wolves led by Graham Greene’s character Nabahe.

The Shadow Wolves are not entirely fictional. A group of Native Americans called the Shadow Wolves do patrol the southern border of the United States, according to the Fox 10 video below. Thomas Gibson’s character Branson is fictional, as are the details of the plot, but there really are Native Americans patrolling the border.

Shadow Wolves executive producers McKay Daines, Tom Reeve, and Michael Corrigan are striving for authenticity. Shadow Wolves producers are working together with Co-Executive producer and Native American actor Ray Tracey to create a realistic representation of the Native American culture, as well as a sensational thriller about covert terrorist plots. Shadow Wolves is about a patriot’s drive to defend the United States from harm, even if it means going rogue and calling on selected colleagues willing to do the same.

Thomas Gibson is that patriot, who seeing an impending threat strikes out to thwart an ISIS plot to destroy America. IMDb describes the plot of the Shadow Wolves pilot.

“Colonel Branson (Thomas Gibson), head of a secret and covert division of the NSA, keeps the Shadow Wolves operating albeit now independent and rogue. His anger after his daughter was killed in Afghanistan training civilians drives him to defend “his” America and her borders, by all means, legal or otherwise.”

Thomas Gibson is once again portraying a strong masculine role, and that theme will be echoed in Cody Walker’s character Eric Shaw, Ray portrayed by Kiowa Gordon, Horse portrayed by Andrew Gray, and Tom Hutch’s character Major McLaren. Graham Greene also portrays a powerful male with strong leadership qualities.

Former Criminal Minds star Thomas Gibson stars in Shadow Wolves

The Shadow Wolves plot synopsis continues, explaining that Thomas Gibson’s Branson is fighting ISIS, trying to prevent an attack on US soil.

“When ISIS terrorists begin to sneak across the US Border into Arizona, Branson alerts the Shadow Wolves to track and stop them. Branson sends Eric Shaw (Cody Walker), his most deadly and effective agent, to join up with the Shadow Wolves. The Wolves are led by Nabahe (Graham Greene), a Navajo honored military veteran and an old colleague of Branson’s.”

According to the Shadow Wolves website, there will also be some pretty exciting villains, including Mexican drug cartel leaders Mendenze and Sanchez portrayed by Alec Whaite and Burton Perez, as well as Lak Rana in his role as an assassin working for Solomon Shiv’s character Khan.

Thomas Gibson fans are hoping Shadow Wolves is a success, and look forward to another chapter in Gibson’s long acting career.