Who Went Home On ‘The Challenge: Vendettas’ Episode 9? [Spoilers]

It was bubble soccer on The Challenge Season 31 tonight, as the players also strapped on some stilts. It was a battle to win and avoid possible elimination, but who went home on The Challenge: Vendettas tonight? Find out the Episode 9 results from tonight below in our The Challenge spoilers.

Last week on The Challenge Season 31, fans watched as the Elimination Challenge wrapped up. Kam was the only player to win her round, as she beat Tori and won a grenade. Joss, Shane, and Veronica were all eliminated, but not until after an amazing matchup between Derrick and Joss. They moved into a new challenge, and the players teamed up and had to make their way across a group of cars hanging in the air. Nelson was the quickest to get across all the cars and he won it for his team. Johnny Bananas, Nelson, and Natalie were voted into the Troika, and Marie was voted into the Elimination Challenge on the losing team.

Making Deals

Natalie, now a part of the Troika, tried to make deals. She talked with Jemmye and Cara Maria about keeping them safe this time and they, in turn, keeping her safe next time. Kailah tried to make deals with Kyle and Johnny Bananas, but Bananas took offense to her plea and probably ruined her chances. Marie tried to get Bananas and Natalie to put Kayleigh in the Elimination Challenge and Marie would give them her grenade to use.

The Troika

Natalie and Johnny Bananas came into this wanting Nicole, Kam, and Kailah as the nominees. However, Nelson was not okay with Kam being nominated, as she saved him earlier in the game. Because of that, he did not back down and wanted Cara Maria nominated on The Challenge: Vendettas. In the end, they picked Nicole, Kailah, and Cara Maria.

The Inquisition

The Troika said they brought these three here to see where they all stand in the game and who they are working with. Nelson owned up to voting Cara Maria in and said she had nothing to worry about, as the other two didn’t want her here. In the end, Johnny Bananas said that this proved that Kailah is a terrible liar and Nicole is working with everyone in the house.

Elimination Challenge

The Troika voted and it was Kailah voted in, as she would take on Marie. For this challenge, it is called “Basket Case” and they were locked inside a basket. They had to escape the basket and then grab their puzzle pieces and complete a puzzle. The first one to complete the puzzle would win this challenge.


Marie struggled to even get out of the basket, while Kailah got out quickly. She completed the puzzle and won, which meant Marie was eliminated on The Challenge Season 31 tonight. For winning, Kailah got a grenade, which had three options: Cash Up, which allowed her to take all of someone’s money; Team Up, which allowed her to make the teams at the next challenge; and Put Up or Shut Up, which allowed her to pick one person that had to win their way onto the Troika or otherwise face The Inquisition.

The Challenge

Leroy returned to the competition. For this challenge, the players were split into two teams and had to play a game of soccer against each other, but with a twist. They would be wearing a bubble around them and stilts on their feet as they kicked a workout ball. It was played in three rounds with the first team to score two goals winning. For her grenade, Kailah decided to pick the teams for this challenge.

The Challenge Vendettas Spoilers - Episode 9 Results


Kailah stacked her team with the best players and put the weakest girls and injured players on the other team. While those underdogs got the first goal, Kailah’s team came back and scored the next two goals, giving her team the win tonight. The winning team met and they voted Kailah, Zach, and Tony into the Troika. This is a guy’s week elimination, so the losing team had to vote one of their players into the Elimination Challenge, who ended up being Devin. Devin is not happy and asked the Troika to send Johnny Bananas into the Elimination Challenge to take him on.

The Challenge: Vendettas airs on Tuesday nights at 9/8c on MTV.