Miranda Lambert, Anderson East Allegedly Split According To ‘In Touch Weekly’

Michael TranGetty Images

Miranda Lambert and Anderson East seem to be doing great and have made it look like they are the perfect couple. There have been rumors for years that they were going to get engaged or even married right away, but it has never happened. Now, In Touch Weekly is sharing the news that these two have allegedly split according to a source. No word yet on how long ago they allegedly called it quits.

Anderson and Miranda have been dating for about two years. Just last month, Miranda posted a picture of him on her Instagram page, so if these two did split then it has happened very recently. A source is telling In Touch Weekly that the two just grew apart. They are both singers and were not out on tour together. They do totally different music, so they were doing separate tours and according to the source, this made them end up growing apart. Obviously, they weren’t able to spend a ton of time together being in different cities all the time.

The source went on to say that Anderson was the one to end things and that Miranda “didn’t see it coming.” Miranda went through a lot when she got divorced from Blake Shelton and another big split can’t be easy on her. A source said that Miranda won’t be sitting around doing nothing, though. She is working hard and going out on tour with Little Big Town. According to the source, she is also really focusing on her music. After her split from Blake, Miranda wrote several songs about how she felt.

This can’t be easy on her considering that Blake Shelton has moved on with Gwen Stefani and seems to be close to marriage. These two seem to be going strong. It has to be hard knowing that Blake’s relationship is going so well.

Right now, the fans are waiting to hear from Miranda Lambert and Anderson East. They would love to know the truth about if these two are over or not. At this time, everyone is just going to have to wait to hear from Miranda because the source who is talking isn’t sharing any proof and didn’t want to be named either.