Carrie Underwood, Mike Fisher’s Marriage Suffering Because He Won’t Do Counseling, According To In Touch

The rumors have been flying for a while that Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher are having marriage issues, but Mike denied them. Now, In Touch Weekly is sharing that part of the issue is allegedly the fact that Mike won’t go to couples counseling with her. This is according to a source and not actually coming straight from the couple.

They met in 2008 and got married to each other in 2010. At first, they were doing a long-distance relationship, but now they are both in Nashville. Of course, with Mike’s hockey and Carrie’s tour, they aren’t always home together. A source shared that they are having a lot of tension right now and Carrie felt like going to marriage counseling was what they needed to do, but Mike isn’t feeling it. The source revealed that Mike doesn’t say “no,” but he just kind of puts it off and they don’t get actually set it up and go.

The source said that there is another issue going on with Mike and Carrie and that is that they don’t really have the same personalities. Sometimes opposites attract, but the source says that he will just randomly invite people over that Carrie barely knows and that they don’t normally make dinner together the way that she would like them to do it. The source really feels like if they keep growing apart they will end up getting a divorce.

Whoever this source is talking to In Touch Weekly, they don’t want anyone to know who they are and aren’t sharing their name. Carrie and Mike are sharing pictures of each other together and making it appear that their marriage is still just fine. The source does say that neither one of them actually want a divorce. It looks like Carrie wants to try and fix the issues, but only time will tell if it ends up happening.

For now, the fans are going to have to wait and see if Carrie and Mike can make it work. They have one son together and the fans would love to see these two make their marriage work. There have been rumors that they are trying for another baby, so you never know what will happen next.