LeBron James Completely Shreds NCAA Amidst FBI Investigation

LeBron James is not afraid to let people know how he feels about certain issues. Even when a Fox News analyst told LeBron to “shut up and dribble,” the Cleveland Cavaliers superstar responded by talking more. According to James, he has a duty to the young people who look up to him to speak out against injustices in the world and help them know that they are not alone. ESPN reported that LeBron has moved his focus from the treatment of the black community in the United States to the treatment of high school and college-aged athletes in the wake of the FBI investigation into corruption in some significant NCAA college basketball programs. According to James, the entire NCAA is corrupt.

LeBron James On The NCAA Corruption Allegations

As the Inquisitr previously reported, the FBI is investigating up to 20 major universities allegedly involved in corruption when it comes to their college basketball programs. Included in these universities are powerhouses such as Arizona, Michigan State, North Carolina, and Duke.

Arrests have already been made when it comes to some college assistant coaches, and Arizona benched head coach Sean Miller, at least until the FBI releases more information about their investigation and the alleged wire-tap conversation concerning Miller and paying recruits.

However, LeBron James had a strong opinion about the NCAA, and he believes the corruption is deeper than just paying athletes. LeBron said that he and his mother were poor and people expected him to go to college before hitting the NBA.

While he has never been part of the NCAA college basketball scene, jumping straight from high school to the NBA, LeBron James said that five-star athletes bring a lot of money to universities and that the coaches are paid monster salaries. LeBron said that the schools don’t care if a five-star athlete gets an education. They just want to use the kids to make it to the Final Four and make a lot of money for the school.

LeBron James Completely Shreds NCAA Amidst FBI Investigation

LeBron James Thoughts On The NBA Helping Kids

With that in mind, LeBron James touched on what he believes should be an alternative for those five-star recruits with an NBA future. LeBron said that he has a 13-year-old son, LeBron Jr., and a 10-year-old, Bryce, and college is not a foregone conclusion for either boy.

LeBron James said he is “not a fan” of the NCAA. He loves watching March Madness but thinks it is wrong that the athletes who put their schools in that position don’t benefit outside of the free education that anyone on a scholarship can receive, even those who are not in athletics.

When it comes to the NBA, LeBron James said that they need to “shore up our G-League” and expand it to make it a farm league similar to the MLB Minor League system. He said that some kids at the age of 14 head to Europe to play, and the NBA needs to set something up to help develop kids to play at the NBA level without bothering with the NCAA.