‘Hamilton’ Star Daveed Diggs Teams Up With ‘Sesame Street’ For Two Fun Songs

Daveed Diggs might have left the cast of the Broadway hit Hamilton, but he’s making some new friends nearby with the folks on Sesame Street. Daveed Diggs, who was thrust onto the national scene playing the dual roles of the Marquis de Lafayette and Thomas Jefferson in Hamilton, is now branching out to rap with Elmo and sing with Ernie about his beloved “Rubber Duckie.” Daveed Diggs mixes singing, rap, and spoken word to accrue new fans from the toddler set.

Just this week on Twitter, Daveed Diggs announced his rap battle as a carrot versus actor and musician Rafael Casal as a sweet potato.

“It’s battle time. I think we all know who won. Better luck next time thank you

If you weren’t aware, Sesame Street has its own YouTube channel, and trust me, it’s not your mama’s Sesame Street songs. The newest video is a veggie rap battle sponsored by Earth’s Best baby food that features Daveed Diggs, Rafael Casal, and of course, Elmo, who asks the help of Hamilton star to choose a healthy side dish.

Watch Daveed Diggs And Rafael Casal In The Sesame Street Food Rap Battle”

“Earth’s Best is proud to present Elmo’s Food Rap Battle! Elmo is hungry and has to choose a food to eat! DJ Lobster is in the kitchen to help Elmo pick what to eat with a Food Rap Battle! Crunchy Carrot (Daveed Diggs) goes head to head with sweet and savory Sweet Potato (Rafael Casal).”

Daveed Diggs Is Dropping Some Knowledge About Veggies On Elmo

Slate jokes that all of those Cabinet Rap Battles against Lin Manuel Miranda from Hamilton have prepared Daveed Diggs for the role he was meant to play as a rapping carrot helping Elmo choose a vegetable for dinner. Daveed Diggs drops some knowledge on Elmo to tell him why he should add carrots to his dinner.

“Elmo, add carrots to your daily routine / And get a healthy dose of beta-carotene.”

As his partner in rap, Rafael Casal as the sweet potato argues for the sweet orange tuber.

“In the words of that Grouch, they can scram / Because, well, me yams what me yams.”

Watch Daveed Diggs And Ernie Sing “Rubber Duckie”

If “Rubber Duckie” makes bath time lots of fun, then Daveed Diggs is making it a party with some new verses, reports Entertainment Weekly. “Rubber Duckie” rose to No. 16 on the Billboard’s Hot 100 chart in 1970. This new version is allowing parents who are rabid Hamilton fans to introduce their kids to Black-ish and Hamilton actor Daveed Diggs and his musical and acting talents.

Daveed Diggs is joining other Hamilton stars in Sesame Street videos. Christopher Jackson (President George Washington) sang a version of “The Story of Tonight” with Elmo to promote the Hamilton $10 ticket lottery.