‘Bold And Beautiful’ Stars Heather Tom, Darin Brooks Talk Katie, Wyatt Romance, Fans React To ‘B&B’ Engagement

Heather Tom and Darin Brooks have both been on The Bold and the Beautiful for a while now, but they never worked together very much until their current buzzworthy storyline. As B&B viewers saw last week, Katie and Wyatt just got engaged, and they told Bill the big news during Monday’s show. Fans have strong opinions about this “Watie” coupling, and recently Heather and Darin opened up about this shocking storyline.

Of course, as Bold and Beautiful fans know, the romance between Katie and Wyatt is quite controversial, primarily due to the fact that Katie used to be married to Wyatt’s father, Bill. Granted, in the land of B&B, this type of pairing isn’t entirely uncommon. Bill and Katie’s sister Brooke have a long, sordid romantic history, and Bill recently slept with son Liam’s wife, Steffy. However, this reversal of putting Wyatt and Katie together hasn’t won over everybody watching Bold and Beautiful.

Heather Tom told Soap Opera Digest that when it comes to Bill finding out about Katie and Wyatt’s romance and engagement, he “doesn’t really have a leg to stand on,” even though it was easy to anticipate that Bill wouldn’t see it the same way. As everybody has seen in the last couple of B&B episodes, Bill exploded when he heard the news, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers indicate that this won’t blow over anytime soon.

Brooks asked fans via Twitter what everybody thought of Watie after their reunion last week, and many Bold and Beautiful fans say they love the two together and think their chemistry is off the charts. Quite a few B&B viewers note that this seems to be a refreshing romantic pairing, and while some detail that they had doubts about this couple early on, they’ve come to enjoy Katie and Wyatt together.

However, not all Bold and Beautiful viewers are on the Watie wagon. Some point out that they love Heather and Darin and love the characters of Katie and Wyatt, but unfortunately, they don’t like the two characters together romantically. A good number of B&B viewers can’t get past the idea of Wyatt being with his ex-stepmother and his half-brother’s mom. The perceived age difference rattles some, although in reality, Tom and Brooks are closer in age to one another than Heather and Don Diamont, who plays Bill, are.

Will Katie and Wyatt actually tie the knot? It’s hard for a soap couple to stay together and happy for very long, but there are a lot of Bold and Beautiful viewers who have come to embrace Watie and are hoping this pairing sticks. Heather and Darin share that they were both really excited to work with one another on this storyline, and they like that Katie and Wyatt’s relationship grew slowly from a casual friends-with-benefits thing to a loving engagement.

The Bold and Beautiful stars also note that both Katie and Wyatt have been stuck playing second choice in numerous romantic relationships before, so this pairing sparks something new for both of them. Heather points out that this is one of the first times Katie has been able to just have fun since she took the role back in 2007, and she’s enjoyed getting to explore this side of her character.

Where do things head for Wyatt and Katie from here? It’s clear that Darin Brooks and Heather Tom are having a blast working with one another, and Bold and Beautiful spoilers hint that there’s more Watie fun on the way. Could this finally be the romantic pairing that works for these characters or will their relationship fall apart as others learn that they’re together?