Robbers Dig 100-Foot Tunnel To Rob Bank In Germany

Berlin, Germany – “Robbers dig 100-foot tunnel” sounds like something that a Hollywood script would say for one of their forthcoming movies. But one branch of Berliner Volksbank in the Steglitz district of Berlin just suffered from such a spectacular bank robbery.

In order to rob the bank, robbers spent at least several days digging a 100-foot tunnel and they had to bore their way through two heavy walls of reinforced concrete to get into the bank vault. The tunnel itself is elaborately constructed and even has ceiling supports.

German newspaper Spiegel reports how the bank discovered that robbers dug a 100-foot tunnel:

“Fire fighters discovered the break-in on Monday morning after a resident reported a fire in the parking garage at 6:15 a.m., the police spokeswoman said. According to preliminary investigation, the fire appears to have been set intentionally, she said. Police remain uncertain of when exactly the crime took place, and investigators are still questioning nearby residents and reviewing surveillance footage for more clues.”

The entrance to the 100-foot tunnel went undiscovered by bank security officials because it was located in an area of the parking garage that was separated by a rolling shutter. Police believe that the thieves disposed of all of the dirt excavated from the tunnel elsewhere. German police have cordoned off the parking garage so that police officers could search first for clues.

According to Spiegel, a police spokeswoman says the value of the looted safety deposit boxes remains unknown:

“It will take some time to determine the value of what was stolen.”

The Associated Press relays another story of a similar Berlin bank robber:

“Details of the heist called to mind the spectacular robbery of another Berlin bank in 1995. During that robbery thieves entered the bank through the door, took a hostage and demanded a helicopter and ransom.

“Police besieged and eventually stormed the safe room where the thieves had holed up only to find out they had escaped through a tunnel dug by accomplices. Several — but not all — of the thieves were later caught.”

How much do you want to bet that “Robbers dig 100-foot tunnel to rob bank” is going to be featured on another “based on a true story” Hollywood movie?