James Kennedy On Logan Noh Friendship: ‘Pump Rules’ Star Doesn’t Need More Friends

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James Kennedy wanted to prove himself on this season of Vanderpump Rules. Last year, he struggled to keep a job because of his drinking, but he felt that he needed to get sober so he could continue to work and grow his career. Now that he had his drinking under control, he’s dating Raquel, and it seems like he had everything together when he started filming Vanderpump Rules last year for this season. Kennedy wasn’t expecting that his friend, Logan Noh, would be the root of his drama. Throughout filming, James learned that Logan joked about them hooking up. It seemed like they were a bit flirty when hanging out, and the other SUR workers questioned their relationship.

James continued to deny that they had hooked up, and he seemed angry that Logan was playing along with the rumor. It was tough for him because he was dating Raquel, and he wanted to protect the relationship. This week, James went to Watch What Happens Live, where he gave an update on the friendship. As it turns out, things took a turn with them, as they are no longer friends. According to a new Bravo report, James Kennedy told Andy that he didn’t need any more friends in Los Angeles and doesn’t seem to miss Logan.

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“[We’re] not talking… Rewatching it now, reliving it, it’s awful. I don’t want it for my girlfriend. I cant be in a f—ing place in my life where I have to juggle my girlfriend and my best friend. I’d rather just cut my BF off because I’ve got more sh– to worry about. I’m trying to grow up. I’m not dilly-dallying over here. So, and honestly, I don’t really need that many friends at this point. I’ve got my girlfriend. I’ve got my job now. I’d better start focusing on this sh–. I’ve got some friends at SUR, but how far have friends gotten me in L.A. so far?” James told Andy, adding about missing Logan, “No, I really don’t… Do I think we’ll rekindle our friendship ever? Absolutely not.”

It’s interesting that James and Logan are no longer friends. On social media, Logan revealed that he and James had fought while Vanderpump Rules was airing and that Kennedy had broken his nose. He revealed that he would no longer be friends with James, but Kennedy hints that he doesn’t want to be friends with someone who is spreading rumors about him. It sounds like he wants to cut out the haters and focus on the positive aspects of his life, including his musical career.

James Kennedy claims he’s focusing on his music and his relationship despite having a turbulent year. It sounds like Raquel is sticking with James, as he has been linked to Lala Kent this year and may have feelings for her. In addition, he was also linked to Logan even though he has denied a connection.