LaLa Kent On James Kennedy's Claim She Would've Been With Him If He Was A Billionaire

On the latest Vanderpump Rules episode that aired on Monday night, James Kennedy made yet another bold claim about his friendship with Lala Kent. During a confessional interview, James said that Lala wold have become his girlfriend if he was rich. James implied that Lala didn't pursue anything more than a fling with him because of his lack of money and that she's with her current boyfriend, entertainment producer Randall Emmett, because he has lots of it.

During the episode, James proclaimed that if he was a billionaire successful DJ, Lala would have stayed with him. He further likened himself, Lala and Randall to Ray J, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

"If I had been that billionaire successful DJ, she would have definitely come along for the ride. But I wasn't. It was just because I was a broke little busboy. Her man was the guy that had all of that … You know Ray J hit it first before Kanye right?"
In another confessional interview, James admitted that he was jealous when Lala first got together with Randall.
"When Lala first got together with her boyfriend and I was still single, I felt obviously a little jealous at the time," James commented. "I had to find someone and thank God I did."
What does Lala have to say about that? Plenty. In a Vanderpump RulesAfter Show video posted on Bravo's website on Monday night, Lala lashed out at James for his assumption that she's a gold digger. Lala said that James simply likes to discredit her relationship with Randall.
"James is on this trip about, like, money...He likes to discredit my relationship. It's super offensive because I've confided in him about everything and for him to just throw insults at me, my boyfriend, our relationship and make it all about money, it's just, it's gross and it's not something that I can easily forgive."
Lala further denied that she's a gold digger by saying that if she really was one, she would be with someone even richer and have had babies with that man already.
"That is not the person I am. I go for the gutso. If I'm going for money, I'm going for a billionaire and I'm popping out babies, trust me!"
For his part, James, seemed regretful about what he said. In his own interview, James admitted that he has been warned by Lala to no longer talk about her relationship and is trying not to do so.
"Oh God! Why do I say these things...I can't comment on Lala's relationship. She just told me, she just told me, 'Watch your f**king mouth.' I'm getting really red now."
The latest Vanderpump Rules episode again focused heavily on James Kennedy's weird friendship with Lala Kent. As in last week's episode, James again seemed quite flirty with Lala, even when his girlfriend, Raquel Leviss, was right there. Finally, Raquel seemed to have had enough. She confronted Lala about her friendship with James. Raquel said that James and Lala seem to have a bond that goes beyond a friendship. Lala assured Raquel that she wasn't doing anything with James and that she was very happy with Randall.

Later, during a hot tub moment with Lala, James again seemed to want to claim Lala for himself.

"I found you. I discovered you [and] your talent."
James, who confessed on last week's episode that he once loved Lala, also brought up again how he and Lala hooked up in the past. Lala, however, told him again that they need to have boundaries and to respect their respective partners. Yet James didn't seem very concerned about Raquel, for he said that Raquel would just have to deal with his relationship with Lala.During his Watch What Happens Live appearance on Monday night, James expressed regret over the hot tub scene. He said that he probably hung out with Lala longer than he should have. He maintained that Raquel, who was sitting in the audience, really was the love of his life. During another moment during the talk show, James said that it wasn't easy for Raquel to watch the episodes. Raquel then admitted that she cried when she watched James' scene with Lala in the hot tub.

Yet despite the weird relationship between James Kennedy and Lala Kent, it seems as if Raquel Leviss doesn't have any hard feelings towards Lala and perhaps even wants to be better friends with her. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Raquel recently posted a sweet message and photo of herself with Lala, taken during the group's Big Bear vacation, to her Instagram account.