Kim Zolciak Gives Brielle A Gun For Her Birthday: People Question Why Kim Feels This Is Appropriate

Kim Zolciak has been counting down the days until her first-born daughter Brielle Biermann turned 21. This weekend, Zolciak and her family members celebrated her big milestone. And while many people may have been curious about the gift Kim had given her daughter, Brielle didn’t hold back when she shared the news. Apparently, Kim and Kroy gave Brielle a rose gold-colored gun. Apparently, Brielle didn’t know what to do with the gun, as she had never used one before. However, Kim has previously revealed that Brielle has moved out of the home, so it’s possible that she wants her daughter to protect herself in case she’s confronted by people who want something from her.

According to an Us Weekly tweet, Kim Zolciak may have thought that the gift was the right one for her daughter, but it sounds like people are questioning why she would give her a gun. Since Brielle expressed confusion over receiving a gun for her birthday, several people pointed out that it would have been wise to give her a gun course as well. Because of what happened in Florida two weeks ago, some people found the gift to be downright inappropriate.

20? don’t know her!

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One person pointed out that Kim should never give a gun to someone who hasn’t asked for one. Surely, Kim and Kroy decided to give Brielle a gun because they want her to be able to protect herself now that she has moved out on her own. While Brielle may not have expected it, it seems like some people feel that Kim and Kroy could have thought of something else. Kim may have a gun of her own to protect her family, just because she could be home alone when Kroy was on the road when he was playing in the NFL. But now that he’s home with her, it’s possible that they do have guns in the home, just in case an intruder comes onto the property.

Kim Zolciak seems confident in her gift, even though fans are not exactly agreeing with her. Hopefully, Brielle will get some gun lessons about care and safety.