Abby Lee Miller’s Release Date Allegedly Pushed Back, Miller Is ‘Furious,’ Reports ‘Radar Online’

Abby Lee Miller, the disgraced Dance Moms star, was set to leave FCI Victorville, where she was doing her time for tax fraud, as reported by Radar Online. She was supposed to go to a halfway house in Van Nuys, California, where she would stay for the next few months until her full 366 days were served. Although it was recently stated that Miller was getting ready to leave, the reality star’s date was pushed back due to overcrowding at the facility. As a result, she won’t be able to go until as late as April.

An insider reported to Radar Online that Abby Lee Miller had a “nuclear meltdown” when she realized she wasn’t going to be leaving the facility and instead would be staying for an extra couple of months. The reality star reportedly feels she is being “targeted” and that the system is purposely being unfair to her.

Radar Online stated that Abby Lee Miller was due to leave prison on February 20 and transfer to the Van Nuys facility, but now she doesn’t know exactly when she will be leaving the prison complex. Reportedly, she has tried to make the best she could out of a bad situation.

The reality star has allegedly lost over 100 pounds in prison, as she had bariatric surgery right before she turned herself in. In a Lifetime special, Abby Lee Miller was shown to have already lost 30 pounds while waiting to go to prison. At the time, she anguished about what she would be able to eat in prison and if she would be able to maintain her weight loss. According to insiders, she has been successful and will emerge as a totally different person when she finally is able to get out of prison.

She recently told the media that the stories published about her being a diva were “not true,” though it was reported that she was incredibly upset during the first couple of weeks in prison. It was also rumored that she had “hired” one of the more feared prisoners to help her stay safe in the prison complex.