Jenelle Evans Shares Another Photo Of Kaiser With A Gun: ‘Teen Mom 2’ Star Continuing Her Controversial Posts

Jenelle Evans has been on a continuous journey of drama over the past couple of weeks. The Teen Mom 2 star did an interview with Vince Russo, where she slammed two of her co-stars. She had some harsh words for Kailyn Lowry and Leah Messer, which began a few days of continuous drama. Kailyn and Leah spoke out after hearing the interview and David Eason decided to go on a Twitter rampage about his own feelings about Teen Mom 2 fans. Within a few days, he had been fired from MTV and Jenelle’s followers had turned on her for being so mean towards everyone. It didn’t help that David had posted a photo of Jenelle holding a gun on the same day that a shooter decided to enter a school in Florida and kill 17 students.

But it sounds like Evans hasn’t learned from the drama that played out last week. She’s been keeping a low profile but she returned to Twitter yesterday and she posted a controversial photo on Instagram once again. According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans shared a photo of her son Kaiser holding a gun, pretending to aim at something. Kaiser is still a child, but it sounds like she and David don’t mind that he’s holding a gun and learning how to shoot.

#CountryLiving ????☀️

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Jenelle labeled the post as being “country living,” but many of her followers didn’t see shooting a gun as being a country thing. Many people revealed that they had grown up in the country and they would never pose for a photo with a gun. It’s also interesting that Jenelle would post a photo of her son holding a gun, considering the backlash she received when David posted the photo of her holding the gun. Yesterday, fans started expressing support for her as they felt that David had every right to speak his mind and share his opinion. As it turns out, Jenelle hasn’t said whether she supports her husband, but since she hasn’t publicly denounced his actions, one can imagine she’s standing by him.

Jenelle Evans is currently in North Carolina, working on her various business ventures. It’s uncertain whether she’s planning on returning to Teen Mom 2.