February 27, 2018
'General Hospital' Spoilers: Robert Scorpio Returns -- Nathan Varni Confirms Tristan Rogers Back Soon

General Hospital spoilers from a new episode of Daytime After Dark featured GH executive Nathan Varni and he spilled some tea about upcoming plots of the ABC soap. Host Carly Brockl invited soap fans to hit them up on Twitter and Facebook with questions. One big reveal from the interview with Varni is that Tristan Rogers will be back in a few weeks as Robert Scorpio. Here's why the Aussie hunk is back soon and what the head of the WSB will be up to when he's back.

Tristan Rogers Returns As Robert Scorpio

You can listen to the entire interview at Blog Talk Radio's site. At the 41-minute mark, Carly asked if Robert Scorpio would be back and Nathan said there's an "interesting story the writers are working on" and that "Robert will be back sooner rather than later" and said "that's the plan." When asked if Emma Samms might be back as Holly, Nathan Varni said that was not happening. She was last seen years ago with Ethan Lovett (Nathan Parsons). Varni said that Tristan will be back in a few months.

Given the timing, it sounds like it might happen for May sweeps but what storyline would bring back the head of the WSB? General Hospital spoilers from last week's ABC Soaps in Depth revealed that Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) is out of jail and will go to Europe with Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) looking for the daughter she had with Cesar Faison (Anders Hove). Anna is worried that Henrik might kill her daughter and she's clueless there is no daughter and Peter August (Wes Ramsey) is her son.

Plot Twist Ahead

Unless GH radically changes course, which they have done before when fans figured out a plot twist (remember Luke-Fluke?), Peter is Anna's son. Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) lied to Anna and said the baby was a girl so she wouldn't consider Peter a suspect. Immediately after the lie was told, Valentin called Peter to reassure him that his secret was safe. Anna will be horrified to know how close her son and Valentin are and have been for years.

General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central reveal that Anna shares an update with Andre then invites him to run off to Europe with her to unravel the mystery of her past. She Knows Soaps spoilers say the two hit the road soon and exit Port Charles, and this could lead them right to Robert Scorpio. The head of the WSB is neck-deep in two plot lines happening right now. First is Anna's story with Faison and the other is Faison's story with the Q twins. Either could be what brings Robert back to GH in May.

Don't Expect To See Tristan Back On Y&R!

If you head over to Tristan Rogers' Twitter account looking for confirmation of his return to GH, don't be discouraged by what you see. There's a tweet there that says, "Let me say that I will NOT be back on the 31st. The EP has made that quite clear." Tristan is not talking about GH but The Young and the Restless. Fans hit up Tristan to ask if he'd be back to Y&R for the 45th anniversary special airing at the end of March.

Jess Walton is back as Jill Abbott, according to She Knows Soaps casting updates. There are also at least five other guest stars coming to Genoa City for JT's funeral but given that "quite clear" tweet, it sounds like YR EP Mal Young doesn't much like Tristan Rogers. The actor is known for being vocal when he's not happy with things and he occasionally drunk tweets and goes off on soap topics he finds irritating. Either way, Tristan will be back to GH as Robert, but not on YR as Colin.

Other Tidbits From Varni

General Hospital spoilers were few and far between on the podcast since the producer was careful not to give too much away. Nathan Varni also said there's "no immediate plan" to bring back Robert Palmer Watkins as Dillon but did say that the writers were working on a storyline for Laura Spencer, adding that Genie Francis is "on recurring status as you know." This is interesting because of the recent blind item in Soap Digest that one soap was in talks to bring back a veteran they sidelined. That might be about Genie!

Other good news from Varni is that GH hired a new social media rep which many fans might appreciate. Catch up on GH scoop on Peter and Maxie growing closer, what's next with Nelle's evil plot, when creepy Dr. Bensch makes a move, and what else happens the week of February 26. Watch ABC weekdays for new episodes and check back here often for the latest General Hospital spoilers and news.