‘Bachelor’ Spoilers: New Alleged Details On Arie Luyendyk Jr. Relationship Drama Emerge, Reports Reality Steve

The Season 22 finale for ABC’s The Bachelor with Arie Luyendyk Jr. is set to air on Monday, March 5, and Tuesday, March 6. Spoilers have already been hinting at major upheaval and heartbreak playing out during the finale and gossip guru Reality Steve has revealed some juicy details in previous posts. Now he is adding new Bachelor spoilers to the mix and he has some buzzworthy tidbits to share about what happened after Luyendyk’s final rose ceremony.

Reality Steve previously revealed that Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s final rose ceremony is nowhere near the end of his Bachelor love story in Season 22. He now explains that he has continued to dig into the details surrounding the jaw-dropping shift ahead and he has new Bachelor spoilers to break down ahead of the two-night finale.

According to these new Bachelor spoilers, there are a few major takeaways that set the scene for what is going to go down during the episodes coming up Monday and Tuesday. First, Reality Steve details that Luyendyk and his supposed final rose recipient, Becca Kufrin, were together several times post-filming, including for New Year’s Eve in New York.

The gossip king had already revealed that Luyendyk called his runner-up Lauren Burnham on the night of his premiere, which was January 1. Now Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers reveal that he has learned that Lauren told Arie that she would essentially fight for their relationship, despite the fact he was engaged to Becca.

Reality Steve doesn’t know how much contact Lauren and Arie had between January 1 and their reconciliation on the 16th. However, he does reiterate that when Luyendyk met up with Kufrin in Los Angeles during the weekend of January 13, Becca thought it was just another romantic weekend visit.

The Bachelor winner reportedly knew that Arie had talked with Lauren at the beginning of the month, but she did not know that Luyendyk was having such serious doubts about their engagement or was looking to reconcile with Burnham. In fact, Reality Steve’s spoilers note that he has heard that Arie told Becca their split had nothing to do with Lauren. However, he hasn’t been able to fully confirm that.

Not only did Arie and Lauren restart their relationship on January 16, but Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that things have moved at a very fast pace between the two since then. He details that thanks to blogger and podcaster Kate Casey, he learned that this past weekend there was a romantic setup at the Monarch Bay Resort where Jade and Tanner Roper got married and it seemed to involve ABC. In fact, based on what he’s learned, Reality Steve believes that Luyendyk proposed to Burnham and she accepted.

Reality Steve says that he believes Luyendyk and Burnham’s engagement happened Saturday, February 24. He said he knows that Arie was out there, that a film crew was there, and that people involved were told a Bachelor proposal was taking place. In addition to the signs that Lauren and Arie just got engaged, Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers indicate that Burnham is planning to move to Arizona to be with Luyendyk as soon as the finale airs.

There have been rumors floating around that Lauren is pregnant. However, Reality Steve says he has heard nothing legitimate from his sources about Burnham being pregnant and he doesn’t think that’s the case.

The show has been hinting at there being explosive drama ahead as Season 22 wraps up and now Luyendyk is admitting that he is going to be facing backlash. Arie told People that he knows people will be hard on him over what happens and he is prepared for it. The Bachelor star acknowledges that he made a mistake and he explains that ultimately had to follow his heart.

While Arie’s latest comments don’t directly confirm the current Bachelor spoilers regarding him dumping Becca and reuniting with Lauren, it certainly syncs up pretty well. How will viewers react to all of this if indeed Arie Luyendyk Jr. dumps final rose recipient Becca Kufrin, reunites with Lauren Burnham, and is already engaged to her? ABC’s The Bachelor 2018 finale is going to be a wild one and viewers are anxious to watch it all go down.