Pathetic Lions turn in another pathetic performance

Heading into the game between the Detroit Lions and the Minnesota Vikings no one expected the Lions to win. Heading into other game the Lions had lost 16 road games in a row, has only won one game in their last 25, and are on a steak of losing 31 of their last 33 NFL contests. However facing an unfocused Minnesota team, that in no way took their opponents serious, the Lions were able to hang around for awhile instead of getting totally blown out. In the end the Lions lost by 17, but they showed why they are without a doubt the worst team in the NFL.

We must remember that this is a team that used the 20th overall pick on TE Brandon Pettigrew instead of a Offensive of defensive lineman. At this point Pettigrew isn’t even the best TE on the Lions roster, and given the fact that Pettigrew has barely produced in this offense and that Will Heller is clearly the better TE, we have to wonder if the 20th overall pick could have been used on a bigger team need.

Rookie QB Matthew Stafford was sacked three times, but in all reality the front seven of the Vikings beat the crap out of him. He was hit at least 15 times, and his offensive line gave him virtually no protection at all. With the 20th pick the Lions could have had C Alex Mack, or Erik Wood. They could have also drafted OT Michael Oher. It now seems that any one of these three could have helped this team more than Pettigrew has.

On the defensive side the Lions gave up 492 yards to the Vikings. While they only lost by 17 points the Lions could have scored 40 points in this game and the unfocused Vikings would have been able to score 60. Again with the 20th pick the Lions could have had DT Peria Jerry, CB Vontae Davis, LB Clay Matthews, or DT Evander Hood. It now seems like anyone of those players could have made a bigger contribution to this team, than Pettigrew has.

In the end bad teams make poor decision on draft day, and this pathetic attempt at NFL football is the ultimate result of bad draft days.

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