Carrie Underwood Channels Energy Into Writing New Music While Face Injury Heals, According To ‘Hollywood Life’

Carrie Underwood is reportedly “channeling” her energy into writing new music while her face injury continues to heal, according to a new report on Hollywood Life. A source exclusively revealed that Carrie Underwood often uses music as an “escape” and has been spending her time out of the spotlight to write “raw and emotional” song lyrics.

As fans continue to encourage Carrie Underwood to fully reveal her face injury on social media, the 34-year-old singer and songwriter is apparently content to keep her scars hidden. Underwood has not willingly shown her entire face to fans since she announced earlier this year that she had suffered a potentially life-changing face injury after a fall outside her Tennessee home in November of last year.

Underwood also has not performed live or attended any live events since her fall, allegedly because she’s not yet comfortable showing off her scars. Carrie is busy at home with her 3-year-old son and is also reportedly busy writing new music for her fans as she continues to allow her face injury to heal and her scars to fade.

Hollywood Life shared on Tuesday that Carrie Underwood is still “emotional” about her face injury and is using her “raw” emotion to write song lyrics as a way to channel her energy while she heals. A source that’s reportedly close to Carrie claims that the “Champion” singer uses music as a way to forget about her “day-to-day problems.”

Writing music is apparently a form of mediation for Carrie Underwood, according to the alleged inside source, and fans are expecting more new music soon, especially since Carrie has effectively been in hiding for almost the last four months.

“The music Carrie is working on right now is really raw and emotional. She’s putting her heart and soul into it.”

While most of Carrie Underwood’s fans are understanding of her need to keep her scars hidden from public view, other fans are not so understanding, saying that scars on her face would not make her “any less beautiful.” Some of Carrie’s fans are taking to social media to share their own stories and photos of scars, along with the message that scars are not “that big a deal.”

One fan did note nine days ago that Carrie Underwood was spotted out with her family having brunch and shared a photo of Underwood with her husband, Mike Fisher, and son, Isaiah, on Twitter. A fan comment that asked how Carrie’s face looked went unanswered, but another comment speculated what kind of an injury Carrie might have suffered during her fall.

The comment guessed that Carrie Underwood might have lost some teeth and had stitches on the inside of her mouth from her fall, which, according to the comment, is a very painful and time-consuming healing process. The Twitter user that posted the comment shared the speculation, saying that a family member actually had the same type of face injury, along with a broken wrist, after taking a hard fall, much like Carrie Underwood experienced.