Ewan McGregor Still Dating ‘Fargo’ Co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead Despite Breakup Rumors, Reports ‘E! News’

There has been an onslaught of media revolving around Ewan McGregor’s love life since Sunday, all fueled by his surprising Golden Globes acceptance speech from early January where he thanked both his estranged wife and new girlfriend.

On Sunday, the report that Fargo co-stars McGregor and Mary Elizabeth Winstead have split up, with rumors claiming that Winstead was tired of being called a “homewrecker.” There is a new report confirming that the couple is still “very much together.” What do we know now?

The rumors that Ewan McGregor and his Fargo co-star girlfriend Mary Elizabeth Winstead have split up are unfounded reports E! News. The popular entertainment site has learned that the couple is still “very much a couple” and remain “still together.”

Amidst the flutter of breakup rumors from Sunday reports, Ewan McGregor was spotted hanging out with this family, teaching his youngest daughter Anouk how to bike. Anouk adorably wore a pink bike helmet and McGregor wore his own white helmet as the two practiced on their bicycles.

The Daily Mail, reporting from a piece from the U.S. magazine Star, stated that just a month after McGregor officially filed from divorce from his “heartbroken” wife Eve Mavrakis, 51, the Mavrakis lookalike Mary Elizabeth Winstead had allegedly “dumped” McGregor.

Again, this report has been refuted by E! News. The couple is still “together.”

Ewan McGregor, who had enjoyed a very long marriage to his wife of 22 years, Eve Mavrakis, had never been the focus of any sort of gossip prior to last year. Now, his every action has been reported since he began to date his Fargo co-star Mary Elizabeth Winstead.

The relationship between the two was first reported back in October. The Sun then reported that the two Fargo co-stars were in a London restaurant, and spotted “kissing.” The couple was in a St. John’s Wood restaurant called the Good Life Eatery, “deep in conversation.”

Ewan McGregor not 'Ditched' By 'Fargo' CoStar Mary Elizabeth Winstead Month After Leaving Wife Claims 'E! News'

The northwest London restaurant is frequented by celebrities, so their presence was not unusual. After the two were seen kissing, they left and she hopped on the back of his motorcycle.

In the third season of Fargo, the two actors portrayed illicit lovebirds, a relationship that was quite memorable due to a very sexy bathtub scene.

Winstead’s femme fatale character, Nikki Swango, was a “recently released prisoner,” while McGregor portrayed probation officer Ray Stussy. McGregor played double duty on this FX show, also portraying Stussy’s twin brother Emmit.

At the Golden Globes, McGregor won the award for best actor in a limited series for his dual roles in Fargo. Ewan first thanked his now-estranged wife and their four daughters.

“I want to take a moment to just say thank you to Eve, who always stood by me for 22 years, and my four children Clara, Esther, Jamyan, and Anouk.

After announcing that he always “loved being an actor,” McGregor then included his then-girlfriend in his thanks.

“There wouldn’t have been Emmit Stussy without David Thewlis and Michael Stuhlbarg and Carrie Coon and there wouldn’t have been a Ray without Mary Elizabeth Winstead.”

Back in May 2017, Winstead, 32, and her teenage sweetheart and husband of seven years, actor and director Riley Stearns, announced their separation. It was not until five months later that McGregor and the North Carolina native were first seen kissing at the London restaurant.