‘The Winds Of Winter’ Release Date: George RR Martin Hints On Why ‘ASOIAF’ Book 6 Is Taking So Long To Finish

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The future of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire book series remains a mystery as the author refuses to offer any updates on the highly anticipated sixth novel. But why exactly is it taking so long to complete The Winds of Winter? Although there are speculations that Book 6 is already finished, it is possible that there are several chapters that are still in the works. After all, Martin might be going through some difficulties in wrapping up the several storylines in his massive novels.

There is little doubt that George R.R. Martin has created a universe filled with numerous characters with their own compelling stories in every A Song of Ice and Fire book. Despite the author’s predilection for killing people off in almost every chapter, it might be difficult to keep track of every survivor’s signature subplot. So is it possible that Martin might be suffering from writer’s block as he attempts to keep adding new pages to The Winds of Winter? Or could there be another reason why the release of the sixth ASOIAF book is still being delayed?

George R.R. Martin has previously admitted that he had struggled with what he called the “Meereenese knot”, the tangled storylines of several characters who have all ended up in Daenerys Targaryen’s city. According to Winter Is Coming, the author might be dealing with similar “knots” in The Winds of Winter, which could feature many different versions of the same story. Since Book 6 is expected to feature at least 20 POV characters, penning the chapters will definitely slow Martin’s already sluggish pace.

Arya Stark in Game of Thrones Season 7
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The tremendous task of writing numerous POV chapters might not be the only thing delaying the release of The Winds of Winter. George R.R. Martin’s own busy schedule could be distracting the author as well. Martin recently posted about Hap and Leonard Season 3 on Twitter. According to the tweet, the author will attend the special screening of the show’s premiere episode at the Jean Cocteau Cinema and will be on hand for book signing.

The Winds of Winter release date has not yet been announced. The special screening of Hap and Leonard Season 3, Episode 1 will be at the Jean Cocteau Cinema on March 1. The series is set to premiere on Sundance TV the following day.