Dua Lipa Received Threats From Taylor Swift Fans After Choosing Kanye West In An Interview, Now She Explains

When an old interview surfaced that saw Dua Lipa choosing Kanye West over Taylor Swift, it led to quite a bit of controversy on social media. While the “New Rules” singer was asked who she would choose between the two other artists in a fun interview game where people try and decide between such things as dogs versus cats, her answer seemed to upset some of Swift’s fan base when they learned that Lipa had picked West over the “Look What You Made Me Do” singer. In fact, some of those Swift fans even went so far as to send threats and snake emojis to the other singer on social media.

According to NME, Dua Lipa received tweets from some of Taylor Swift’s fans telling her that they hoped she died and of course the infamous snakes. However, Lipa was quick to point out that she really did not do anything except answer a question, even as she says it was three days of tweets from Swift fans who were seemingly upset over the singer apparently siding with West.

As Billboard reported, in a new interview, Dua Lipa has taken the time to address that controversy, and finally explain exactly what happened, and what she was thinking when she chose Kanye West over Taylor Swift. It turns out that Lipa never even considered the “beef” between West and Swift when she picked between the two musicians. Instead, her decision was based solely on their music.

Dua Lipa explained that at the time when she was asked that question, her first thought was of the music they each make and her own preferences musically. Lipa said that she believes, “Taylor is amazing, but I’m such a hip-hop fan that I would probably choose Kanye over anyone.”

While Dua Lipa may be more of a Kanye West fan when it comes to music, it seems that she is also a Taylor Swift fan, after she was spotted wearing one of Swift’s “Speak Now Tour” shirts while at a soundcheck last year. Although she may not have been picking sides when it came to the drama between West and Swift when she picked the hip-hop artist in that earlier interview, it seems that some of Swift’s fans were less than impressed with that choice. However, now that Dua Lipa has explained what she was thinking when she picked between the two artists, hopefully, Taylor Swift’s fans will understand that the “New Rules” singer was not taking sides and just choosing the music she preferred.