Senator Chuck Schumer Wants Walmart To Stop Selling Assault Weapons Until Gun Control Debate Concludes

Chuck Schumer, a Democratic New York Senator, wants Walmart to stop selling assault rifles until potential gun control initiatives are decided. Senator Schumer is writing letters to both Walmart and Gander Mountain to request they stop selling semi-automatic weapons.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Vice President Joe Biden is expected to release his gun control proposal on Tuesday. The semi-automatic weapons ban of the 1990s was passed with Biden’s assistance. The earlier ban also included limits on high capacity magazine clips, Arkansas Business notes.

Senator Chuck Schumer had this to say about asking Walmart and Gander Mountain to stop selling semi-automatic weapons, according to New York Daily News excerpts:

“Since the Sandy Hook shooting, the sales of assault weapons are skyrocketing. We have no idea how many people buying the guns are mentally ill, or how many are felons. If Congress passes measures to reduce availability of these weapons, those efforts could be undermined by the purchase of thousands of weapons before then.”

While running errands at a small town Walmart in Ohio over the weekend, I spent a bit of time in the sporting goods section. If the number of customers at the Ohio Walmart is any indication, the mega retailer has been extremely busy with guns and ammo sales. The customers were five deep at both cash registers, all with their hands full of weapons, ammunition, and survival items.

Senator Chuck Schumer will not have to worry about Walmart agreeing to terminate semi-automatic gun sales for much longer, the stores soon won’t have any more rifles left to sell. The Walmart customers were eager to share why they were spending so much money on weapons and ammunition.

Concerns that President Barack Obama would no longer be hampered by campaigning for the Oval Office again remained at the top of the list of reasons why gun were flying off the shelves. Multiple Walmart gun buyers felt that a desire to appease the liberal base would prompt the president to sign an executive order which would decrease Second Amendment protections. Gun buyers also voiced a fear that additional taxes would be placed on guns and ammunition.

Optimism that meaningful gun control measures that would actually decrease violence without infringing upon the Second Amendment was almost non-existent during my Walmart conversations.

Do you think gun retailers should stop selling legal weapons and ammunition until the federal government has the chance to pass new gun control legislation?