Kristen Bell Admits To Catching ‘Anal Worms’ From Her Daughter

Kristen Bell has always been extremely candid when it comes to parenting and marriage, and her most recent revelation was shocking even for her.

Kristen appeared on The Joel McHale Show on Netflix on Sunday and told a disturbingly funny story about how she caught pinworms from her daughter. Often referred to as “anal worms,” pinworms is a parasitic disease that causes extreme discomfort and itching in the anal area.

It’s not a disease which is often discussed, let alone an actress on a talk show admitting to suffering with it at some point in time.

“I did have anal worms two weeks ago — I swear to God,” Kristen admitted on the show (via People).

At first, Joel thought Kristen was joking until she confirmed she actually had the disease. Joel then joked about having them himself a few years ago and said he never got rid of them, just grew them.

After having a chuckle, Joel then asked Kristen if it was a painful condition. Kristen admitted she had no pain, but she did experience lots of itching. She then joked she didn’t come on the show to talk about this embarrassing condition but ended up going into a fair amount of detail about it.

It’s Kristen Bell!

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Kristen and her daughter, Delta, weren’t the only ones who were suffering from pinworms in the last few weeks. Before feeling the effects at home, Kristen claimed when she went to her daughter’s preschool, all the carpets had been removed because the school had an outbreak.

After hearing about the condition at school, Kristen noticed Delta began scratching herself and shortly after noticed a small white worm in her stool. The audience let out a resounding “eww” when Kristen mentioned the worm, to which she joked “I know she’s really gross.” It wasn’t long after that Kristen began feeling the effects herself.

Kristen’s husband, Dax Shepard, and the couple’s other daughter, Lincoln, were lucky enough to avoid the “anal worms” but had to deal with the awkward situation at home. The whole family did have to take a medication, which Kristen called “chalky nonsense” to help heal and to prevent the others from contracting it.

At the end of their interesting conversation, Kristen gave Joel a double handshake as a joke to play off the contagiousness of pinworms.