'Black Panther 2': Kendrick Lamar Wants To Play A Villain

Kendrick Lamar has won 12 Grammy Awards over the past four years, but the 30-year-old rapper is poised to make big acting moves to get his first Oscar in the acting category.

Lamar, who triumphed at this year's Grammys with five trophies, might make his acting debut in Black Panther 2. After the tremendous success of the first movie about the King of Wakanda, Lamar may have just stormed into contention to play a villain in the next Black Panther film.

Lamar expressed his interest in a villain role during a recent interview with BBC Radio. The 12-time Grammy winner explained that his desire to portray the next supervillain in Black Panther 2 was inspired by the first movie's villain, Erik Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan.

"He was a villain but he was loved and misunderstood," Lamar said of Killmonger, who attempted to dethrone the protagonist T'Challa, played by Chadwick Boseman, to seize control of the entire world with Wakanda's technology and weapons and help people of African descent to fight back against oppression. "So if I could, I'd play a Killmonger for sure."

Lamar's interest in playing the next villain in Black Panther 2, the release date of which has yet to be revealed by Marvel, would surely place him high on director Ryan Coogler's list of potential actors to play the next supervillain. After all, the "Humble" hitmaker crafted the first movie's soundtrack.

A general view of atmosphere at the Toronto Premiere of Black Panther at Scotiabank Theatre

If Lamar's dreams come true and the Grammy-winning rapper is cast in the Black Panther sequel, he could take film cameos to a whole new level by making an appearance to the sound of his own music.

Nearly everything Kendrick Lamar touches turns to gold, and the rapper may be close to making his acting debut after conquering the music world. At this year's Grammy Awards, Lamar took home five trophies, including Best Rap Song, Best Rap Performance, and Best Video for his critically-acclaimed single, "Humble."

Black Panther continues to dominate the box office, earning $404 million in just 10 days. The film raked in $112 million over its second weekend of domestic release. Meanwhile, the Marvel movie's score, produced by Lamar, is dominating the Billboard 200 chart. For the second consecutive week, Black Panther: The Album is at No. 1 on the chart with 154,000 album units sold.