Gov. Jay Inslee To Trump: Less Tweeting, More Listening – 1st-Grade Teachers Don’t Want To Pack Guns [Videos]

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President Donald Trump held a meeting in the White House with U.S. governors that turned contentious when Washington Governor Jay Inslee challenged Trump’s notion of potentially arming teachers with guns to help prevent school shootings. As seen in the below videos, Inslee stood up and spoke directly to the president about the things teachers have told him about their viewpoints of carrying a gun to school.

Gov. Inslee told Trump, according to KATU, that the public could use less of Trump’s tweeting and more listening in the wake of tragic school shootings. Inslee’s videos are being viewed thousands of times on social media, even as Trump defended his thoughts and spoke of “retribution” being the answer by turning gun-free zones into places that have warnings that tell intruders folks at the location are equipped with guns on the premises. The president claimed such a sign means “sickos” wouldn’t even enter the building.

As reported by CNN, Gov. Jay said that teachers have spoken out and declared that they don’t need added responsibilities of having guns “foisted upon” them. Inslee said that he heard first-grade teachers who let him know that they did not want to carry guns into their classrooms.


As seen in the below photo, Governor Inslee received a mixed bag of looks as he stood and spoke with President Trump in the State Dining Room at the White House about the plan to give some teachers guns in the classroom.

Gov. Inslee speaks with President Donald Trump about arming teachers with guns.
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The interaction happened as the National Governors’ Association held their yearly meeting in D.C.

Trump also gained controversy, according to the Toronto Star, for claiming that he would have run into the scene of the crime in Parkland, Florida, even if he hadn’t been equipped with a gun.


As noted by CBS News reporter Mark Knoller in the following tweet, President Trump folded his arms and listened as Inslee gave Trump advice about cutting down on his Twitter habit and listening to the feedback of teachers instead. In reply, Trump called on a different participant after telling Inslee thanks for his viewpoint.