Brittany Cartwright Denies Quitting ‘Vanderpump Rules’ After Rough Year With Jax Taylor

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Brittany Cartwright has had a rough year considering everything she’s been through thus far on Vanderpump Rules. Brittany thought things were going well with Jax Taylor when she learned that he had been cheating on her with Faith Stowers, a fellow SUR employee. Even though Taylor eventually admitted the affair, he didn’t go into detail about whether it had been more than once or explain the conversation he had with her after the deed. Faith recorded the conversation and it sounds like he revealed that he no longer wanted to be with Brittany. As it turns out, Cartwright wasn’t happy about the revelation and many fans encouraged her to break up with Jax.

They recently celebrated Valentine’s Day together but some Vanderpump Rules viewers are just waiting for the moment where she announces that she’s leaving Taylor behind. Many viewers, including some of Brittany’s best friends on the show, believe she deserves much better and they are all encouraging her to break up with Jax. So when she recently revealed that she was going back home to Kentucky, some people thought she meant for good. According to a new tweet, Brittany Cartwright is now revealing that she’s not leaving Los Angeles behind and she’s not quitting Vanderpump Rules.


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As it turns out, Brittany Cartwright seems to like her job at SUR and she likes the fact that she’s on the reality show with her friends. Cartwright received a tremendous amount of support from her co-stars after she learned Taylor had cheated on her. He admitted that he had made a mistake but his friends were not eager to forgive him. Only the guys in the group, including Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, found it easy to forgive him but thought it was stupid of him to possibly ruin the only relationship he had found to be stable and wonderful. She’s forgiving him but one can imagine he’s not allowed to mess up again.

Brittany Cartwright is currently in Los Angeles, but it sounds like the trip to Kentucky is just a nice escape to visit her family. As Vanderpump Rules fans have seen, they are super close and they supported her throughout the cheating scandal.