Kim Zolciak Celebrates Brielle’s 21st Birthday While Younger Daughter Has Harsh Message To Family Hater

Kim Zolciak celebrated a big milestone this past weekend. On Instagram and Twitter, Kim announced that her first-born daughter, Brielle, was now 21 years of age. Throughout the years, fans have watched Brielle grow up in front of the cameras, starting on The Real Housewives of Atlanta and then on Don’t Be Tardy. While some people have criticized Kim’s parenting of Brielle because of the lack of freedom she has, it sounds like Kim is proud of the fact that her daughter is now moving away from home. But while the family was celebrating, it seems that her middle daughter, Ariana, was keeping an eye out for the haters.

According to a new tweet, Kim Zolciak’s middle daughter revealed that she wasn’t happy with people speaking out about her family. Her tweet was very vague, but it sounds like she could be referring to someone specific, as she talked about the person going low to hurt her and her family. Given Kim’s troublesome history with her parents, it’s possible that Ariana is referring to her grandparents. Perhaps they sent the family a text message on Brielle’s birthday or reached out to Brielle directly. Regardless, it sounds like Ariana isn’t happy about it.

“[You’re] just a really mean person and hearing [you] talking s**t about me and my family is unbelievable to me… crazy to think you’ve sunk that low. Karmas a [b***h] so watch out hoe,” Ariana tweeted recently.

On social media, Kim Zolciak decided to focus on the positive. It’s possible that they discussed this negative tweet in the privacy of their own home, but Ariana seems furious that someone would go so far as to criticize Kim, Kroy, and their six children. On Don’t Be Tardy, Kim revealed that she was angry with her parents and that they hadn’t really spoken since her wedding. Kroy Biermann also revealed that he hadn’t spoken to his family either, as they didn’t approve of Kim being wife material for him. While there is a possibility of Kroy’s parents being the subject of Ariana’s tweets, it’s more likely that Kim’s parents are reaching out to their biological grandchild on her big day.

Kim Zolciak’s daughter Ariana didn’t answer fans that asked her who she was referring to. It’s possible that she won’t clarify what she meant, as it could be filmed for Don’t Be Tardy.