Marlo Hampton Coy On A Sugar Daddy But Does Say A Man Gifted Her And Her Mom Their Homes

What does Marlo Hampton actually do for a living? How does she pay for all of the very expensive designer clothing that she's always wearing? Does she have a sugar daddy? On Sunday night, during her appearance on Andy Cohen's talk show Watch What Happens Live besides her The Real Housewives of Atlanta co-star and good friend NeNe Leakes, Marlo answered those questions and more.

During the talk show, Andy did a game in which he asked Marlo a series of questions that viewers have been wanting the answers to for a while. The first question was whether she's currently in a relationship. Marlo said that she is in the dating game.

"I'm currently dating."
Andy then asked Marlo if she has a "Big Poppa," so to speak. "Big Poppa" was the name Kim Zolciak used to refer to the secret man who funded her lifestyle and spoiled her with expensive gifts in the earlier seasons of Real Housewives before she met and became married to Kroy Biermann. Marlo remained coy about whether she has a secret older man who pays for her lifestyle but did say that she does have someone who's "not a Broke Poppa."
"No, not a Big Poppa. Just not a Broke Poppa."
Perhaps Marlo will one day settle down with this non-Broke Poppa one day? When asked if she dreams of having a husband and kids, Marlo, who recently celebrated her 42nd birthday, admitted that she would love that.
"I do. I would love to be married. I would love to have children."
While Marlo was coy about having a sugar daddy, she readily admitted that a man brought her the house she lives in. When asked what's the most expensive thing a man has ever gifted her, Marlo said that a man not only gifted her a house but also gifted her mom one as well.
"My home. And my mother's home."
It seems that not even NeNe Leakes knew that fact. "Wow. Wow. Yes Marlo!" she said upon hearing that a man gifted Marlo Hampton her home. Marlo laughingly added that she has the title to her home and no payments.

Marlo's home was featured on The Real Housewives of Atlanta several episodes ago when she hosted a lavish tea party. NeNe, saying that Marlo never invites anyone to her place, expressed surprise that Marlo would open up her home to everyone. When the housewives arrived to her home, they all told her that the place was beautiful.

Andy then got to the question that The Real Housewives of Atlanta viewers have probably asked the most since Marlo was introduced on the show years ago. Andy asked Marlo what she would say she does for a living if someone asks her. Unfortunately for the curious, Marlo refused to give a straight answer.

"What do I do for a living. Well I knew everyone was only going to say, 'Marlo, what do you do for a living? How do you pay for all these things?' Tonight's the night, I'm gonna let them know. Andy's my sugar daddy."
Perhaps one of the things that Marlo does for a paycheck is to teach etiquette classes? On last week's Real Housewives episodes, Marlo teased Kandi Burruss about having to take one of her etiquette classes. Kandi snapped back that no one thinks of Marlo when they think of etiquette. When asked by Andy if she really does teach etiquette classes, Marlo maintained that she does and that people pay for it.
"I do. Yes [people pay for that]."
Marlo joked that NeNe is one of her paying customers, which NeNe vehemently denied.

While Marlo Hampton didn't give a straight answer in regards to what she does for a living, NeNe Leakes, during another Watch What Happens Live appearance about two months ago, did give a more straight answer. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, NeNe said that Marlo's "in the fashion game." NeNe also seemingly denied that Marlo's an escort and called the gossip that she is one "crap."