Carrie Underwood Accused Of Having A Facelift By Instagram User

Carrie Underwood has been accused of having a facelift after her husband, Mike Fisher, reposted a photo of her on Instagram. Over the weekend, Fisher shared the photo in which Underwood had the lower part of her face covered, clearly not ready for fans to see what is thought to be a scar. However, some people seem to think that Underwood is hiding much more than a scar. Some people seem to think that she had a face lift and that she's hiding that from the world.

"Put [your] X down and let us see you face lift," wrote one social media user in the comments section of Fisher's most recent Instagram post. Fans immediately came to Underwood's defense, saying that she probably didn't have a face lift, but that she's just not ready to share a picture of herself yet.

"I think she busted up her lip pretty good when she fell and she's not ready to show it," wrote one commenter.

"Carrie, we love you! Scars or no scars you are beautiful! Good comes from everything and God is good all the time!!" wrote another.

Fans have been so super supportive of Underwood over the past several weeks, which has been great for the country music star, who is clearly having a hard time dealing with her changed face.

Underwood has still not posted any photos of the lower half of her face since her fall. She told her fans that she had to have over 50 stitches in her face and that they might notice that she looks a little "different," but she didn't elaborate too much on that.

Now, fans have been encouraging her to post a photo and to step back into the spotlight, letting her know that they love her and that the way she looks isn't going to change that. Plus, almost all of Underwood's fans are fairly certain that she doens't look that much different, especially after a photo of her surfaced back in December and she looked the same as she did before she fell.

Of course, the more that Underwood hides her face, the more speculation seems to be popping up -- which is understandable. People really are curious to see Underwood's face and they want to know why she's been so adamant about hiding it.

It's only a matter of time before Underwood steps back into the public eye again. While there will undoubtedly be people who are going to criticize her, she has a strong fan base and people will also be there to show that they love and support her. They've displayed that time and time again on social media.