‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Nelle Is Confident Michael Will Come Back To Her, Carly Breaks Down

Nelle seems to be winning against Carly, as the phone call she made using Morgan’s recorded voice has left Carly on edge. This week, Nelle is going to irritate General Hospital fans with her growing confidence while Carly crumbles.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that in when Josslyn (Eden McCoy) asked her if she thinks she and Michael will ever be together again, Nelle shows confidence. She said that her baby is going to grow up in a home with both parents around. She’s happy with the progress she’s making in her plans.

The phone call has left Carly (Laura Wright) unsettled, and she asked Jason (Steve Burton) for help. They went to the PCPD and asked Dante to trace the number. They found out it was from a payphone along a highway, about two miles from where Morgan (Bryan Craig) was killed in an explosion. In a sneak-peek clip, Carly is freaking out while wondering what’s going on. And while they are there, someone is watching at a distance, behind the trees, according to Soaps.com.

Meanwhile, Nelle’s plans are risky, and General Hospital spoilers tease that like her previous dirty schemes, it might just blow up in her face again, Celeb Dirty Laundry reports. Spoilers said that she’s trying to drive Carly crazy, enough to send her to a mental facility. Previous spoilers tease that Michael will soon need someone to lean on, and Nelle is going to make sure it is going to be none other than her.

Hopefully, Nelle will be exposed before she can do further harm. General Hospital buzz has been suggesting that Jason will be responsible for revealing the truth and ending Nelle’s delusions. Carly is asking Jason to find out everything he can about the phone calls.

On one hand, some General Hospital fans have been hoping that the prank call would set the stage for Bryan Craig’s return once again, be it that Morgan turned out to be alive or just as a brief appearance like what happened when Ava (Maura West) was having nightmares while undergoing a surgery.

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