Leah Messer And Jeremy Calvert’s Co-Parenting Of Adalynn Spills Onto Twitter

Michael LoccisanoGetty Images

Leah Messer recently went on Kailyn Lowry’s podcast, Coffee Convos, to discuss what had been going on in her life since the girls wrapped the previous Teen Mom 2 reunion special in the fall. Leah revealed things had been fairly low-key and that she had been focusing on taking care of her daughters since the show wrapped. Kailyn was quite pushy regarding Messer and her ex-husband, as Dr. Drew had asked them if they had plans to get back together. While Leah did admit that they may have been hooking up since their divorce, she also revealed that they had no plans of getting back together. Instead, she pointed out that they had been excellent in co-parenting little Adalynn.

According to a new Twitter exchange, Leah Messer is now revealing what successful co-parenting looks like. For years, her fellow Teen Mom 2 co-stars have been trying to co-parent their children together but their efforts have often ended up in fighting, controlling situations, or even arrests. However, for Leah and Jeremy, it comes down to celebrating those small milestones for her daughter. This week, that milestone was all about signing Adalynn up for T-ball, something both parents were excited about.

“Mom signed Addie up for TBall today for me! I’m so excited for her. She’s gonna kill it,” Leah Messer revealed on Twitter, tagging Jeremy in the tweet, to which he replied, “Hell yea she is, getting her a glove, bat and bag tomorrow morning.”

It’s interesting that Leah Messer chose to share this news on social media, considering she could have just sent a text to Jeremy about the news. However, it appears that these two know what they are doing. Perhaps they can maintain a positive co-parenting relationship because of the fact that they didn’t get divorced due to lying or cheating. Jeremy decided to divorce Leah because she was struggling with depression and anxiety. He claimed that she wasn’t the same person he had married, but he may be seeing the old Leah now that she has full control of her life.

Fans can expect to see Leah Messer and possibly even Jeremy Calvert later this year when Teen Mom 2 returns. When MTV fired David Eason last week, the production crew revealed that they had six weeks left of the current production. However, don’t expect to see these two rekindle their relationship, as they have both said that they have no plans to get back together.