Here Is A List Of All Of The Companies That Have Cut Ties With The NRA, And Those Still Supporting It

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Nearly two weeks after the Parkland, Florida, school shooting left 17 people dead, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has become something of a villain for its steadfast refusal to support almost any gun-control legislation. And in response to widespread public negativity, several companies that have had corporate relationships with the gun-rights organization have severed their relationships with the group. Here, now, is an updated list (accurate as of the time of this writing) of companies that have cut ties with the organization, and those that still maintain their ties to the group.

The Latest, As Of 10:45 EST February 26

The most-recent company to quit the NRA, according to CNN Money, is hearing-aid company Starkey. In a tweet Saturday, the company announced that it was severing its program that gave discounts to NRA members.

“We have made the decision not to renew our discount program with the NRA. We will be asking them to remove our information from their website.”

Also On Saturday, February 24

At least three other now-former NRA partners announced Saturday that they were no longer partnering with the NRA. Those included airlines Delta, which announced the end of its program that gave discounts to NRA members; and United, which will no longer offer discount flights to the NRA’s annual meeting.

Also on Saturday, Paramount RX, which works with third-party providers to provide discounts to NRA members, announced that it was ending its relationship with providers to end the program.

Friday, February 23

The previous day, the group lost four major corporate partners and a handful of minor ones. Anti-virus maker Symantec announced that it had stopped its discount program for NRA members. Rental-car company Hertz announced that it was no longer offering discounts to NRA members; insurer Met Life announced that it would no longer offer home and auto insurance policy discounts to NRA members; and home-security company SimpliSafe announced that it was discontinuing its unspecified relationship with the group.

Car-buying service TrueCar also announced on that day that it was ending its partnership with the NRA.

Similarly, Allied Van Lines and North American Van Lines announced the end of its relationship with the group.

Thursday, February 22

In one of the worst days for the NRA since the Florida school shooting, the NRA lost three rental-car companies, a hotel chain, and a credit card issuer. Enterprise Rent-A-Car, Alamo Rent a Car and National Car Rental, which are all owned by Enterprise Holdings, announced that they would discontinue offering discounts to NRA members. Also on Thursday, The First National Bank of Omaha, which had issued NRA-branded Visa cards that, according to Uproxx, gave an “unspecified kickback” to the NRA with each purchase, discontinued the program.

Also on Thursday, Wyndam Hotels tweeted that it had ended its relationship with the NRA.

Companies Still Sticking By The NRA

Not all of the NRA’s corporate sponsors have jumped ship.

Tirp-planning website told Bloomberg that it will continue to provide discounted rooms to NRA members. Similarly, according to Huffington Post, Amazon will continue to provide the streaming-TV app NRA TV, as will Apple and Roku. Similarly, SiriusXM will continue to air an audio stream of some of NRA TV’s content, and YouTube will continue to air NRA programming.

Sporting-goods retailers Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s, both owned by the same holding company, have so far not responded to questions about the company’s plans to have booths at the NRA convention in Dallas in May. Similarly, sporting-goods company MidwayUSA has publicly stated that it will continue its relationship with the group.

“No company in America is more dedicated to, and more supportive of, the goals of the National Rifle Association than MidwayUSA.”

Credit card-processing company Clearent, which offers “firearms friendly” services to NRA members, has not responded publicly to the controversy and maintains its relationship with the group.

Other businesses that, as of this writing, have either publicly stated their continued support of the NRA, or have not yet taken any action, include the Hyatt Regency (Dallas), which will continue to offer discounts to NRA members for the group’s May convention; insurer Lockton Affinity; internet-privacy company ManageUrID, which offers “unspecified savings” to NRA members, has not announced whether or not it will take any action against the NRA, nor has Vinesse Wines, a retailer that offers a variety of wine clubs.

Perhaps the biggest and most well-known NRA partner, FedEx, continues its business relationship with the group, according to The New York Daily News, despite repeated calls for the shipping company to end its relationship with the Association.

What The NRA Says About The Sponsors Leaving

The gun-rights group, for its part, remains defiant in the wake of sponsors and business partners ditching the group. In a statement, the NRA called sponsors jumping ship “a shameful display of political and civic cowardice,” according to USA Today.

“Let it be absolutely clear. The loss of a discount will neither scare nor distract one single NRA member from our mission to stand and defend the individual freedoms that have always made America the greatest nation in the world.”

This is a developing and fast-moving story, and more companies may be severing, or re-affirming, their relationships with the NRA even as you are reading these words. The Inquisitr will continue to provide updated information on this story as it develops.