Kevin Hart Alludes To Renewed Cheating Rumors In Instagram Story: ‘I’m Too Bright To Respond To Negativity’

Allen BerezovskyGetty Images

Kevin Hart was recently the subject of renewed infidelity rumors when the celebrity website Fameolous claimed that Hart was once again cheating on his wife, Eniko Hart, as reported by the Inquisitr. The entertainment website Fameolous — the same site that published Kevin’s graphic adult video that was removed from Instagram but popped up on Twitter — promised upcoming proof to their allegations of adultery against Kevin, and now Hart seems to be hitting back against those allegations. In an Instagram story published to Kevin’s “KevinHart4real” verified Instagram account, Hart spoke of having a positive Sunday and treated his fans to a story about ignoring negativity.

Hart didn’t specifically mention the words “cheating” or “adultery” or did he admit that he “f***** up” like Hart did when speaking to The Breakfast Club in December 2017, but Kevin did say that he was not going to respond to any “negativity.” Kevin asked viewers if they ever wondered why the moon never howls back at the wolves and other animals howling at the moon. “It’s too bright!”

Hart compared himself to a bright moon that’s too busy shining to take time out to bark back at the wolves howling at the moon. After that Instagram Story, which was published on Sunday, February 25, at approximately noon ET, Hart posted the below photo of himself with his children, giving his wife Eniko credit for the photo.

Previously, when Hart was first accused of cheating on Eniko, Kevin took to Instagram to display a smiling photo of himself with a caption claiming “you just have to laugh at the B.S.”

However, Hart would find himself saying sorry to Eniko, as reported by the Daily Mail, soon thereafter, in the wake of confessing

After the scandal, Eniko and Kevin went on to enjoy a six-figure baby shower, something Hart discussed with the radio hosts in the following video, wherein Kevin spoke about the measures he was taking in order to never be placed in a position to be tempted to cheat again.

Hart spoke about his “Irresponsible” comedy tour and how much his marriage to Eniko means to him. In comparing his second marriage to his first, Kevin spoke about being young and wanting to leave his first marriage — but not his second marriage.