Rockstar confirms Grand Theft Auto 5

In the least surprising news of the third millennium, Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar has revealed that it is working on a follow-up to the phenomenally successful (and TOTALLY GAY) Grand Theft Auto IV, which I am tentatively calling Grand Theft Auto 5.

So what’s this one? A knitting simulator? A Japanese dating sim? A horse-riding game for the Wii? Wrong, wrong, and wrong. Staggeringly, it’s going to be … very similar to the others.

“We’ll think of a city first, then the characters,” series creator Sam Houser told The Times newspaper. He also revealed the script for the game will end up about 1,000 pages long, which the paper claims is “nearly ten times as much as a feature film.”

It’s only a brief mention, but confirmation (of an exceedingly predictable event) all the same.

[Via The Times]