Tyler Baltierra Thanks His Wife For Not Committing Suicide As She Gets Ready To Leave Treatment

Jesse GrantGetty Images for VH1

Tyler Baltierra and his wife, Catelynn Lowell, have shared some emotional moments on Teen Mom OG, including Catelynn’s struggle with postpartum depression. She has revealed that she’s scared of going through that again, especially since they are thinking about having another baby. Behind the scenes, Lowell revealed that she was struggling with some childhood issues and had even had suicidal thoughts. One can imagine this was heartbreaking to Tyler, who has been with his wife since they were teenagers. Now, Tyler is celebrating the fact that Catelynn has gotten treatment for her issues.

According to a new tweet, Tyler Baltierra has revealed that he’s very thankful for the fact that his wife did not take her own life before heading to treatment. He also celebrated the fact that she’s due home in just a few days, something he has looked forward to for a while. Catelynn checked into treatment last year and returned home after a short while. But after Christmas, she revealed that she wasn’t ready to be home and left for treatment once again. Tyler also got treatment, as he completed a family-related program to be ready for his wife’s return home. One can imagine she’s excited to be going home, as she’s been away from her husband and daughter for almost two months.

“As hard as it is to watch this…I’m just so proud of my wife for being strong enough to not give up on her life. She comes home in 5 days & I can’t wait to hold her in my arms again & just show her without words, what safety, security, & unconditional love feels like,” Tyler Baltierra revealed on Twitter, sharing his excitement about his wife coming home to him.

Before she went to treatment, Catelynn revealed that she was pregnant with the couple’s third child. Her first-born daughter was given up for adoption, while they chose to keep their second daughter. However, as fans will see on Teen Mom OG, Catelynn learned she had miscarried the baby shortly after learning about the pregnancy. They had decided to get pregnant, as Catelynn felt she had full control of her issues. It’s possible that they will pursue another baby shortly, but one can imagine that Tyler wants to take his time and make sure that his wife is able to handle another pregnancy and possibly even another round of postpartum depression.

Tyler Baltierra is currently on hiatus from Teen Mom OG, but it sounds like the camera crew could return to Michigan once Catelynn returns from her tweeted in just five days.