Morgan J. Freeman Remains Silent After Farrah Abraham Claims She Feared For Her Life In His Presence

Tommaso BoddiGetty Images

Last week, Morgan J. Freeman learned that Farrah Abraham was suing him along with the rest of the MTV team working on Teen Mom OG. As fans will see on the upcoming episode of the show, Farrah was recently fired from the show, as Freeman didn’t want to continue working with her if she continued her work in the adult entertainment industry. The scene will play out on Monday’s episode of MTV, and it sounds like Farrah will be fired, as she’s now suing the entire team for wrongful termination and additional damages. While she did name Morgan J. Freeman in the suit, he has stayed silent about the lawsuit.

According to his Twitter activity, Morgan Freeman has focused his energy to discuss gun control in light of the Valentine’s Day school shooting in Florida. He has been actively trying to spread the word about gun control, and it sounds like he is getting plenty of support for his views. However, he hasn’t said anything in regard to Farrah and the lawsuit he is facing. In the lawsuit, Farrah claimed that she felt she was being targeted and she felt fearful for her life when she was with Freeman. It’s possible this case will go to court, where the judge will hear what these fearful claims are all about.

Of course, Morgan J. Freeman’s lawyer could be advising him to stay silent about the case. While some lawyers will ask their clients to simply disappear for a while and not say anything, Morgan isn’t following that strategy. Instead, he’s talking about gun control and taking a very active role in the current political battle taking place in the United States. On his Twitter profile, Morgan reveals he’s married and has a child. None of the other Teen Mom OG or Teen Mom 2 stars have spoken out about the lawsuit. None of them have shown any support for Freeman, as Farrah is alleging things that could have happened.

Morgan J. Freeman may be forced to go to court if Viacom and MTV have to face these allegations in court. If there’s any truth to these allegations made by Abraham, Morgan could also be part of a settlement offer.