Jenelle Evans Gets Surprising Support After ‘Teen Mom 2’ Viewers Claim David Has A Right To His Opinions

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Jenelle Evans hasn’t said much after David Eason was fired from MTV. Last week when David decided to go on a Twitter rant, where he expressed his dislike for transgendered parents, MTV acted quickly and decided to terminate all work with him. At the time, Jenelle released a statement, saying that David didn’t understand how powerful Twitter can be. She also explained that he had no idea that people would actually react to his tweets. Despite her statement, fans didn’t think he was truly sorry for what he had said. At the time, fans were furious with David and Jenelle, but it sounds like some people are actually supporting Jenelle now.

According to a new Instagram post, Jenelle Evans posted a photo of David and their daughter Ensley, but fans had some important messages for her. One follower revealed that David was entitled to his opinion while others pointed out that he should have kept it to himself. One person even told Jenelle Evans to keep doing what she is doing and ignore what people are saying about her and her husband. It’s interesting that fans are now changing their minds. While MTV has fired David Eason, they have not said anything about Jenelle’s role on the show.

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“My whole point in my comments is that David has a right to his opinions and how they raise their children. All of these people coming here to bash him because he doesn’t agree. Makes his haters no better. So these people can voice their opinions and call him names, but the same can’t be done to his haters. Pot meet kettle. That’s how that works,” one Instagram follower wrote to Jenelle, while another wrote, “You have come a long way, Jenelle and I admire the woman in you! You seem strong and stick to your guns! But you can’t please everyone….she is so beautiful!”

It’s interesting that people are now changing their minds about Jenelle’s situation. Last week, there was a petition started to get them both fired. There are also rumors that MTV already has a replacement for Jenelle. However, it sounds like fans may feel that David was fired for having an opinion, something that people feel should be his individual right. Perhaps it was how he presented that opinion, purposefully slamming a minority group. Jenelle hasn’t said anything publicly, and she hasn’t defended her husband’s right to his opinion. But it is interesting that she hasn’t said anything, especially since her co-stars have participated in the NoH8 campaign a few years ago.

At the moment, Jenelle Evans continues to keep a low profile in North Carolina, as she may be under contract with MTV, preventing her from speaking out. No word on what the network will do with Evans and her role on the show.