Big Ang’s Sister Janine Detore Has Finally Addressed The ‘Mob Wives’ Reboot Discussion, Reports ‘In Touch’

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In December of 2017, Jennifer Graziano, the creator of the television series Mob Wives, apparently confirmed that she was working on a reboot of the popular series. As the Inquisitr reported at the time, there have been a lot of emails and requests made to Graziano, by fans who wanted the show to be brought back after it came to an end in 2016, following the death of one of the show’s stars, Big Ang Raiola. While there had certainly been talk about the possibility of the show returning since before this confirmation, this was the first time that plans for a Mob Wives reboot seemed to be really coming together.

Although any reboot of Mob Wives will clearly be missing one of its stars in light of Big Ang’s death, her sister Janine Detore has decided to weigh in on the discussion about reviving the series, speaking to In Touch about what she knows, as well as her thoughts on how the show moves on from the loss of Big Ang. Detore explained that she was not sure if a reboot was really going to happen, even with the news having been confirmed by Jennifer Graziano because she does not actually speak to any of the people involved with the show. She said that if there is a chance that Mob Wives will be coming back then she wishes everyone well, but her hope is that “they should just do it on their own,” and leave her sister out of it.

Janine Detore then said that with her sister no longer being here, there is no real reason to bring her name into any possible reboot. In fact, when she was asked if there was a chance that the show could be a success without Big Ang, Detore said “personally, no. I don’t think so,” even if that was her just being partial because it is her sister that would be missing.

If Mob Wives does get the reboot treatment, Detore admitted that she would end up watching it for one reason, “to see if they mention my sister or bring any of her memory up.” With how much of a presence Big Ang was in the original series, it makes sense that her memory would be a part of any reboot if any of the other original cast members returned. While there is no guarantee that any of the original cast members would return for a reboot, at least one of the show’s stars has already said they would not be back, especially now that Big Ang is gone.

Happy Valentine's Day Ang! Miss you!???????? #bigangel #rip

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Drita D’Avanzo has made it clear that she is done with Mob Wives, something that Janine Detore said did not surprise her at all. While D’Avanzo has said that she would not return if the show is revived, the reality star did take the time to post a video to Instagram in honor of Big Ang, with the video featuring clips from the original show. In the video, Drita D’Avanzo sings about her friend, sharing how much she misses her, and the sense of disbelief over her being gone.

D’Avanzo and Janine Detore were not the only people to post messages of love and remembrance for Big Ang, as other members of the cast also took to social media to honor their lost friend. With all the focus on the second anniversary of Big Ang’s death, it makes sense that the discussion over the potential reboot would once more make the news. For now, though, there is no real news as to what or who fans of Mob Wives can expect to see, or if it will be returning to VH1 or moving to a new network.