Queen Elizabeth's Husband, Prince Philip, Gives 'Telegraph' Cartoon Artist Matt Pritchett Approval

Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth's husband, recently gave fellow artist Matt Pritchett high praise for his 30 years of service as a cartoonist at the prominent U.K. newspaper Telegraph.

According to Telegraph, Prince Philip showed his gratitude toward Matt Pritchett for his cartoons, and this is not surprising since he and Queen Elizabeth are known as patrons of the arts. In fact, until he retired at age 96 from his royal duties in 2017, Prince Philip was an active patron of the Cartoon Museum.

About Matt Pritchett's 30-year anniversary, Prince Philip stated the following.

"Successful cartoonists do not only need to be able to draw, they have to think of subjects to illustrate… Matt has shown that he has a genius for both, as well as the ability to think of wonderfully appropriate swipes at the idiocies of contemporary life."
Unlike his wife Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip is also an artist himself, and his critiques of Matt Pritchett might come from his personal experiences.

According to the Daily Mail, Prince Philip is one of the only people to paint his wife, Queen Elizabeth, in off-duty mode. For example, a 1965 painting of Queen Elizabeth reading and eating bread by Prince Philip has become popular in recent years.

Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip the arts.
Queen Elizabeth and her husband, Prince Philip, have a long history of being patrons of the arts.

Although Prince Philip is largely self-taught and considers his artwork a study, he has befriended many artists such as Edward Seago. It was during a 1956 tour with Edward Seago that Prince Philip would spend long periods of time watching Seago paint.

After many decades, Prince Philip is still painting as an amateur, and he often signs his artwork with a "P" written in Greek. This pays homage to Prince Philip Mountbatten's Greek ancestry.

In fact, editor Robin Simon of the British Art Journal was quoted as saying that Prince Philip comes from a family of artists, and his father, Prince Andrew of Greece, "could easily have made a career in the fine arts if they were not otherwise engaged."

Prince Philip, Prince Charles, artists
Prince Philip comes from a family of artists, and Prince Charles inherited this gift.

In fact, Prince Philip's son, Prince Charles, also has an artistic touch, and according to Express, Prince Charles held his first art exhibit in 1977 at Windsor Palace. During his art career, Prince Charles has sold over £6 million ($8.41 million) in artwork.

Instead of pocketing the money from the sales of copies of his artwork, Prince Charles signs his name in pencil and gives the money to his charitable foundation, per an Express report.