Kim Kardashian West Goes Pink, ‘Over’ Her Blonde Hair Style

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Keeping Up With The Kardashians fans who follow Kim Kardashian West on social media already know the fashion mogul took to Twitter yesterday to reveal that she was “over” her blonde hair style.

People notes that Kim Kardashian had only sported her platinum blonde hair for six months after debuting it in early September during Fashion Week. Since that time, Kim’s hair has gone through a number of different style changes including a sharp bob, some hair extensions, and a slight change in color.

Last month, the new mom-of-three admitted it would be “a few weeks” before she returned to her old hair color.

“Maybe when the roots grow out too much. It will be years before I go blonde again so have to enjoy it.”

A few months prior, Kardashian even posted several throwback photos of herself with her long dark hair leading her followers to believe she may soon return to her dark locks.

Earlier today, Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to share a video of herself sporting her new hairstyle. In the video, Kardashian asks if her fans like her new pink hair? The fashion mogul also shared a picture of herself sporting her new pick locks with her tongue sticking out.


Unfortunately for Kardashian, her picture and video were met with very mixed reactions. While she did have some comments telling her the pink hair looked good on her, she had just as many telling her it was a mistake. One commenter even told Kim they “hoped” the pink hair was just a wig.

Others commented on the photo pointing out the pink hair made her look a little like she was trying to pull off a hair style similar to Nicki Minaj. These comments were met by just as many people wanting to know why Nicki Minaj was the only woman allowed to have pink hair.

Kim Kardashian with platinum blonde hair
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There were even a few individuals who commented on the video and picture, and noted that pink is really just a variation of blonde. So, they didn’t really understand why someone who was “over” her blonde hair would decide to dye it pink instead.


About an hour after posting her picture and video, Kim posted again to put to bed any faux hair rumors.


Kim Kardashian followers who are not big fans of her new pink hairstyle can rest easy knowing the fashion mogul doesn’t usually keep a hairstyle for very long before changing it to something else.