Melania Trump Wears Black Lace Dress, Huge Diamond, As President Praises Her For ‘Beautiful’ State Dining Room

Pablo Martinez MonsivaisAP Images

First Lady Melania Trump was spotted wearing a black floor-length cinched-waist gown with a floral bodice that showed off her arms and decolletage on Sunday night. As reported by the Inquisitr, the White House initially banned the press from President Donald Trump and Melania’s Governors’ Dinner Ball, but then changed plans and allowed the White House press pool to attend the gathering.

Melania’s new black lace gown was decidedly longer in length than the $2,995 Dolce & Gabbana floral-lace dress with long sleeves that Melania wore last June.

As seen in the above photo, Melania’s black lace gown included floral details as she was photographed during the Governors’ Ball in the State Dining Room. President Trump took a moment to recognize Melania for the way the White House room was decorated during his speech. As noted in the press pool report titled “Subject: Remarks by President Trump at the Governors’ Ball,” the Office of the Press Secretary quoted President Trump giving Melania kudos for the beautiful decorations on the room – which Trump said Melania worked hard to achieve – a compliment that drew applause from the crowd.

“THE PRESIDENT: Please. Thank you. Well, I want to start by congratulating our great First Lady on such a beautiful room. I’ve never seen it look so beautiful. Worked very hard. (Applause.)”

Those words were seconded in the pool report titled “Subject: In-Town Pool Report 4” by David M. Jackson of USA Today. Jackson described that the press was allowed to enter the State Dining Room at 7:32 p.m., with President Trump and Melania Trump entering several minutes later. The couple greeted the attendees with smiles and handshakes as “Hail To The Chief” played in the background by the band.

Not only did Trump give Melania kudos for the decor of the “beautiful room,” he called the dinner guests “tremendously talented governors.”

Meanwhile, additional photos in the Getty Images gallery show more details about Melania’s black lace gown, like the cinched waist and floor-dragging length. A sculpted neckline that took on the pattern of the flowers in the black lace dress was the crowning detail of the gown that enjoyed a solid black bodice that made the design not too revealing.

Specific photos also display Melania wearing a large diamond ring on her left hand, larger than the ring photographed on Melania’s hand on Friday, February 23, as seen in the below photo taken in the East Room of the White House.

Melania Trump's ring worn on Friday, February 23.
Melania Trump's ring worn on Friday, February 23.Featured image credit: Carolyn KasterAP Images