Samsung Galaxy S9 Unveiled: Flagship Device Promises Camera Experience Better Than iPhone X At A Cheaper Price

Manu FernandezAP Images

After months of teasing the public, Samsung finally launched the Galaxy S9; it’s latest flagship phone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Samsung appears to have gone all out in making sure their newest flagship phone wins over its Apple competitor, the iPhone X. The Galaxy S9 seems to have taken some inspiration from Snapchat since the company put in a lot of effort to develop the smartphone’s camera.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Unveiled

The demo by Samsung executives revealed how the smartphone’s camera and Bixby accomplish impressive feats like translating the restaurant menu, create emojis that look like the user, and try-on makeup.

The Samsung S9’s camera can take impressive pictures even in low light settings, and videos can be captured in slow motion. The Galaxy S9 has a single rear lens, but the S9+ mimics the dual lens of the iPhone X, allowing it to capture better photos.

Samsung did not just try to win the public over with its impressive camera. The new emoji is also a direct competitor of the Animoji in iPhone X. The emoji feature allows users to create their avatar and share it with their contacts.

Samsung S9 looks just like the S8, which is not surprising given how many leaks there were on what the new device would look like. The new models come with 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch screen sizes. The bezels are smaller than last year’s release but other than that, the appearance of the handsets are mostly the same.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 units in the United States runs with the Snapdragon 845 processor. Samsung will use its internally-developed Exynos chip for other regions.

Galaxy S9 Critiqued

While the South Korean manufacturer did an impressive job in rolling out remarkable features, the S9 fails in some aspects. International Data Corp. vice president of devices research Bryan Ma revealed his opinion on the newest flagship phone from Samsung to Bloomberg.


“The S9 is such a high-visibility flag bearer that Samsung has to keep pushing the envelope aggressively with it. My worry, though, is that the product seems like a mere incremental ‘me too’ set of improvements rather than anything that significantly differentiates it.”

Another notable thing about the latest flagship phones from Samsung is the lack of improvement in its assistance technology, Bixby. Apple, Google, and Amazon have been focusing on improving the features of their digital assistants, and while there were improvements in Bixby in Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus, it’s still unable to compete with these companies.