Shirtless Pics Of Men's USA Bobsled Squad Heat Up Social Media Despite Team Not Medaling At Pyeongchang

Although the men's bobsled team failed to medal at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, fans are swooning over shirtless pictures of the bobsledding hunks that are circulating on the internet. Fortunately, after a tumultuous season that came to a dismal end on Sunday, the Instagram pictures are winning gold.

Team USA of the men's bobsledding group had high expectations in the two and four-man bobsled competitions ahead of the Pyeongchang Olympics. However, according to the Chicago Tribune, a bevy of problems -- ostensibly, any single one of them could have posed an uphill battle for the podium -- proved to be too much for the talented athletes.

Bobsled pilot, Codie Bascue, was "banged up" with a worrisome injury; Brian Shimer, the coach of the men's bobsled team, came down with a nasty illness; and Justin Olsen faced an emergency appendectomy. Even then, the determined team finished among the top-10 bobsled teams despite a ninth-place showing in the final run.

In the end, the 2018 Winter Olympics bobsledding competition in Pyeongchang belonged to the Germans. According to NBC, Germany swept both events with double-gold medals; their speed and finesse on the ice proved too strong for the rest of the fray. After coming up empty at the Sochi Winter Olympics, Germany's dominance this year was the consolation prize.

With a medal out of their grasp, fans turned to snaps of muscles that American bobsledders use to power sleek sleds around a sweeping Olympics course. People magazine described the shirtless images of the "attractive" bobsledding hunks as "sizzling."

A picture of Hakeem Abdul-Saboor is featured on the mag's site. The shirtless image shows the 30-year-old Powhatan, Virginia resident flexing his muscles while wearing a set of headphones. When not training for bobsledding events, the "Rottweiler lover" competes in NPC physique events, according to his bio.

Abdul-Saboor is seen here in a selfie with his shirt on, but no less buff.Next up is UCLA standout, Carlo Valdes, who hails from Newport Beach, California. The 28-year-old former college football player and javelin thrower is a history buff -- and has a thing for Kung Fu. Valdes is a mentor for Olympic and Paralympic competitors in his home state.Here he is pumping iron with U.S. Bobsled Team push athlete and brakeman, Austin Landis.Sam Michener rounds out the shirtless pictures of the USA Men's Bobsled Team. The 30-year-old Gresham, Oregon resident is an avid video gamer and a cinema junkie who can wiggle his ears. He shares inspirational quotes and pictures of him building muscle and keeping fit.

A shirtless Sam is seen here during a workout.

Here, the bobsled Olympian is seen putting in work for the upcoming Winter Olympics.The men's bobsledders are still mourning the death of American team driver, Steven Holcomb, but they are hopeful that things can only get better for them as a unit going forward, as Nick Cunningham told the Tribune.
"We're going to continue to fight. You're not going to hold us down here. We're going to keep our heads held high, regardless of where we finish, just based on our performance and we know how hard we're fighting."