Kendall Jenner Gets Naked, But Folks Gawk At Her Feet


Who would have guessed that a naked Kendall Jenner would have fans gravitating toward the appearance of her feet after she’s exposed everything else she owns in a naked photo shoot? The black and white photos are picking up a lot of views online today, but the buzz is all about the pair of “interesting” feet that Kendall Jenner is endowed with, according to the Daily Mail.

The artistic photo shoot has Kendall Jenner showing off her “killer figure,” as she posed stark naked for a series of black-and-white Sasha Samsonova images. These photos were shared with her Instagram followers, who are just rounding the corner in numbers to 88 million in all.

At 22, Kendall seems to have mastered the art of posing, as these classy pictures show the supermodel strategically placing her hands and crossing her legs to cover up anything that would be considered inappropriate. In other words, she kept her private parts private.

Kendall is seen perched on a table that appears to be outside among the elements of nature as she balances one foot on a chair. Other than the shining pendant seen around her neck, Kendall appeared to be completely in the nude, suggests the Daily Mail.

Another shot had her posed sitting on an outside staircase that looked like it is made of some type of weathered stone. Her pout was molded to a perfection as she gazed into the camera. Her arms and legs continued to protect the areas on her body that if exposed might have turned the photo shoot into something more on the provocative side.

The pictures remained classy and the focus changed with a tweet that askied, “what is with her feet?” Another Instagram viewer hopped on the same train of thought with a quip saying, “Look at them claws on her feet!” These comments appeared on her pictures posted to Instagram, according to the Daily Mail.

Pop Culture reports that despite Kendall posing in the nude, the positive feedback started to have “waves” of feet comments strewn in. Fans were commenting on the rather “odd” shape of Jenner’s feet, as well as the “spacing of her toes.”

“I love you girl, but what’s wrong with your toes?” one Instagram viewer wrote. These type of comments also seemed to carry over to Twitter as well, as seen in the tweets below.


“Why are her toes seperatin(g) (sic) like that?” one fan asked, according to Pop Culture. Then another pipped in asking: “What’s with her feet.” Then there were some jokes posted. One Twitter user asked, “What’s your biggest fear” and the answer was… “Kendall Jenner’s feet.”

For some reason, people were gravitating toward her feet and finding them “interesting.” Quips on Kendall’s feet are seen between the comments gushing over how great she looks in these moody naked shots. Still, no one seems to know why suddenly the odd feet comments popped up on the pictures, despite Kendall offering so much more to talk about in this series of photos.