‘Gold Rush’ Star Todd Hoffman Is Leaving To Start New Show ‘Greenhorn Gold’ [Video]

Frederick M. BrownGetty Images

Todd Hoffman shocked millions of Gold Rush fans worldwide by announcing that he is leaving the Discovery show. Although Todd will not be mining for gold in Colorado or anywhere else, Todd has his sights set on a different type of gold: television gold.

Speaking to TMZ Live, Todd Hoffman, who also happened to be in L.A., spoke about his big transition from reality star to Zum Media producer when they asked what he was doing next.

“I’ve got Zum here. We’re getting into animation, and I have a new gold mining reality show that I’m working on.”

He then began to discuss how for eight seasons he would be gone for five or six months every year to mine for gold and film Gold Rush.

“I haven’t been home in eight years.”

Todd then hinted that being gone for so many months is understandably hard on any marriage. He did not state if his spouse Shauna was particularly angry with this absence, but he hinted as much.

“You have to stay home at some point, if you want to stay married.”

TMZ asked Todd if he made a lot of money mining gold. Todd was a bit sheepish in giving his answer, as this season has been quite a bust for the Hoffman crew.

Hoffman reminded TMZ and viewers alike that there were a few years that he made good money on gold and that there were other seasons where it was slim pickings. He also reminded viewers that he created Gold Rush hinting that he is perhaps receiving more than the other reality stars, as he could be adding creator royalties to his paycheck.

Todd Hoffman promises some “high-end animations released soon, but what he wants to discuss is Greenhorn Gold.

Todd is giving a chance to the “everyday average guy who constantly emails me” the opportunity to mine for gold. He also jokes that he “hopes” this means that he can spend one summer at home.

According to the Zum Media company website, which Todd started along with producer, Jose Behar, Greenhorn Gold will start out with 40 “amateur” gold miners. Then, after a “massive tryout,” this group will be divided in half, with 20 going home.

After this, the remaining 20 will face challenges. From this group, 14 miners will be eliminated, with six remaining. At the end of the season, those six will be receiving $200,000 in gold to bring home to their families.

Images from the animation clips that Todd Hoffman earlier discussed with TMZ is already on the Zum Media website, including those from ParaNorman, Woodrow, and Stella’s Babysitting Service.

As of now, there is no information on where viewers can see the animated shows or Greenhorn Gold after that is filmed. However, Hoffman has hinted that a “major network” is interested.

“I’m working on a deal with a major network that has shown serious interest. If we can come to terms if will be HUGE. ;-)”