'Bachelor' Contestant Bekah Martinez Talks Arie, Acne, And Thoughts On Being 'The Bachelorette'

Bekah Martinez may be young, but her spunky personality quickly made her a fan favorite from this season of The Bachelor, featuring Arie Luyendyk, Jr. Arie started to question his relationship with Bekah after finding out she was only 22 when the season started. Fans saw Arie break Bekah's heart in Italy and send her home just before hometown dates. What fans didn't see was Bekah getting some closure from Arie a week after their breakup in Los Angeles.

Entertainment Tonight caught up with Bekah prior to the filming of The Women Tell All special and found out she and Arie actually had a chance to chat in his hotel room following their split. Martinez said The Bachelor crew filmed the chat, but it did not make the cut into the aired episodes. Bekah says she told Arie she did not feel he treated her fairly because of her age. Martinez said Arie admitted she was right that he was not totally fair and he should have handled things differently.

Now that months have passed since Bekah and Arie split, she admits she doesn't think their relationship would have lasted long outside of The Bachelor. Bekah shared her reasons behind these thoughts saying it has nothing to do with their age difference.

"There's something special that we had between us, so it is kind of hard to watch back, but I think ultimately it's better for both of us. I don't think we would necessarily be compatible in the real world together," Martinez said. Ultimately Bekah feels their last conversation gave them both closure.

Now that Bekah is in the spotlight more since her journey with Arie on The Bachelor, she has also apparently been receiving some unsolicited advice. People shared that Bekah is quite fed up with all the advice she has been receiving about the issues she has with acne. While Bekah knows everyone's intentions are probably pure and they are just trying to help, she says it can be humiliating and hurtful. Martinez says she has been to four different dermatologists and tried many treatments and none have been a forever cure for her.

Aside from the acne issue and her failed relationship with Arie, Bekah does have one thing going in her favor. Bekah appears to be one of the front-runners for the next Bachelorette lead. In years past, it seems the lead usually goes to someone in the top three, but seeing Nick Viall and Arie both end up being Bachelor leads just shows that anything is possible in this franchise.

E! Online caught up with Bekah, who says she would definitely be open to being the next Bachelorette.While she is still only 23, she points out that JoJo Fletcher was only 24 when her season aired and she is still happy and in love with her final rose recipient, Jordan Rodgers.

"I think Bachelorette would be an amazing experience because you're opened up to so many possibilities, so many kinds of men, and also now going through the experience myself, I must say I was probably the biggest skeptic. I never thought I would actually develop feelings for the man on the show. Just even liking him, I didn't necessarily expect that," Bekah says.

Could Bekah actually end up being the 2018 Bachelorette? Fans will know the answer in a few weeks when the new lead is introduced after Arie's season of The Bachelor wraps up.

The Bachelor and The Bachelorette both air on ABC.