WWE News: Dolph Ziggler Stops Middle Of Match Against Shinsuke Nakamura For Surprising Reason


One of the best aspects for fans at WWE events is getting involved with chants or taunts towards the various superstars. At a recent live event, “The Showoff” Dolph Ziggler decided to get the crowd to help out with a special occasion. To do so, it meant interrupting an ongoing match he was having against “The King of Strong Style.” Here’s the latest on what Ziggler did at the event as a gesture towards his opponent.

As WWE tweeted in their recent video (below), “The Showoff” decided it was a good time to stop things halfway through his match with Shinsuke Nakamura. In the clip, Ziggler pulls a classic heel move at the start and offers a fake handshake to his opponent. The 2018 Royal Rumble winner decides to reciprocate and goes for the handshake only to have Ziggler pull his hand away in that “smooth move” kind of way.

Ziggler offered another handshake, but Nakamura turned his back on his opponent and rested a bit on the ropes to look at the crowd. That prompted Dolph to take things a step further. After asking for a microphone from the ring announcer, Ziggler announces that it’s Shinsuke Nakamura’s birthday today. From there, he asks the crowd to help him out in singing “Happy Birthday” to Nakamura and of course, they obliged.

Shinsuke Nakmuara celebrated his 38th birthday on Saturday night
WWE star Shinsuke Nakmuara celebrated his 38th birthday on Saturday night.Featured image credit: WWE

Several other fans tweeted out their own videos from the moment. In another video a fan tweeted, a different angle is shown. Dolph also tried to pass off Shinsuke’s own shirt as a gift to him for his birthday. Playing along with it all, Nakamura accepted the gift.

While the pseudo-gift and getting the crowd in Denver to help out with the song were nice gestures, Ziggler decided to cap it all off with a legitimate handshake. This time as Nakamura reciprocated, the two shook hands, and the crowd bought into it, believing it was Dolph being nice. Not a moment later, Ziggler tried to deliver a swift kick to Nakamura but “The King of Strong Style” caught Dolph’s leg and the match continued.

The two superstars have battled one another numerous times in matches, so this made it an extra special occasion with Nakamura’s birthday also taking place. For those wondering, the Japanese wrestling phenom is now 38-years-old and tweeted out to thank the fans in Denver. He also picked up a win on Saturday night for his birthday as he used the Kinshasha to level Ziggler for the pinfall, according to Wrestling Inc.

Next up for Nakamura will be WrestleMania 34, where he takes on whoever is holding the WWE Championship after the Fastlane PPV next month. Dolph Ziggler is amongst the competitors in the PPV’s big Fatal 5-Way title match and hoping to dethrone current WWE Champion AJ Styles so he can head to Mania as champ.