Kevin Wendt Says Luke Pell And Stassi Yaramchuk Did Have A Negative Conversation After Show Ended

Did Luke Pell and Stassi Yaramchuk actually have a conversation during which Luke ended their relationship? Immediately after The Bachelor Winter Games reunion show aired on Thursday night, Luke received a lot of fan backlash due to Stassi's claim that after the show ended, he disappeared from her life without any explanation.

Stassi's claim shocked everyone since the show portrayed Luke as having very real feelings for Stassi and it seemed as if the two left the house as a couple. When Luke came out on the set, to boos from some audience members, and said that he had a conversation with Stassi in which he ended things, Stassi maintained that they never did.

Things got even worse for Luke when it seemed as if he didn't look Stassi in the eyes as she told him how hurt she was and refused to give any further explanation or apology. Yet, according to one of Stassi and Luke's co-stars, the two did have a conversation after the show ended that left Stassi in tears.

On Ashley Iaconetti's The Ben and Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast, posted on Friday, Kevin Wendt, who became very good friends with Luke during the show and is now Ashley's boyfriend, revealed that after the show's competition officially ended, the remaining cast members remained in the area for an additional three days in order to for the interviews to be finished.

"There was a conversation had between them. See, after we were done filming we had about three days in a hotel where they had to finish interviews and stuff and we don't go home right away. So we're off camera and we're all just hanging out in the hotel. And we had a dinner on our last night in Vermont and Stassi was very upset and it was noticeable to the whole table."
Ashley chimed in that it was obvious to everyone that Luke and Stassi had gotten into some kind of disagreement.
"We all knew that something had happened between the two of them that afternoon."
According to Kevin, when he later asked Luke why Stassi was so upset, he told him that he had a conversation with her about how continuing a relationship wasn't realistic.
"I said, 'Why is she so upset?' And he said, 'I had a conversation with her. I just don't see this going far because of the distance.' He's like, 'I like her but like I'm just trying to be realistic.'"
Kevin added that when he then talked to Stassi, Stassi admitted that she didn't think she was ever going to see Luke again.
"And she came in noticeably upset, and me and her became very close to this point, and I asked her what's wrong. In her broken English, she said to me, 'I think I'll never see him again.'"
Kevin also revealed that he spoke to Luke after the reunion show and Luke admitted that he made a mistake.
"I have spoken with him. He has a lot of regret. Like it's not like he's off the show and has been like, 'Oh f her, she screwed me.' He said, 'Dude I should have reached out to her. I should have told her that she was important to me. I just knew that it wasn't going to go anywhere and I should have been more clear.' He was very regretful and he feels bad. He wasn't even defending himself. He was just, 'I feel bad.'"
Kevin also revealed that on the day the reunion show taped, he went for a run with Luke prior and during that run, Luke expressed excitement over seeing Stassi.
"His exact words were, 'Yeah I'm excited to see Stassi. It'd be great to see her again.' Like he had no idea she was coming in hot."
Kevin Wendt didn't exactly defend Luke Pell. He agreed that Luke didn't treat Stassi Yaramchuk right. Along with Ashley, Lilly McMcManus and Courtney Dobler, who were also on the podcast, Kevin agreed that Luke probably wasn't clear enough with Stassi that he didn't want to continue with the relationship and that he should have reached out to Stassi after they went back home. Ashley and Courtney gave their opinion that Luke probably sugarcoated that last conversation with Stassi and so Stassi didn't realize that was the end for them. Everyone also agreed Luke didn't do himself any favors on the reunion show by not explaining himself to Stassi.
When Stassi herself came on the podcast, she maintained that she and Luke never had a breakup conversation. She said that she was upset from that last conversation because Luke started talking negatively about romances that develop from the franchise. Stassi added that after she got upset, Luke asked her to dance.
"Basically it was more about like production, how the Bachelor world works...that was why I was so upset. I was like, 'Jesus, is it you who are saying this to me?' And I was upset and he was trying to, anyways like, get along with me. Do you remember he was like asking me, 'Take a dance with me.' We were dancing..."
Unfortunately, the connection with Stassi, who was calling in from a train in Switzerland, was not good and so much of what Stassi said was broken up and muffled. The line became more clear when Stassi expressed shock over all the negativity and hate that Luke has received.
"I wish him nothing but the best. I'm sorry that this has happened. I'm upset now that he got so much negative energy because I don't want it. Really, it was not my plan. I'm shocked that it turned like this and I hope he's fine."
On Twitter, Luke defended himself by claiming that he and Stassi did have a long conversation on the reunion show that wasn't shown.
Luke was once one of the franchise's fan favorites. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after Nick Viall was announced as the star for The Bachelor season 21, Luke posted a tweet that indicated that he was initially chosen to be the show's new star. He later confirmed in an interview with Us Weekly that the show's producers switched to Nick just hours before he was about fly to Los Angeles to start filming the show.

Unfortunately for Luke Pell's fans, the latest drama with Stassi Yaramchuk on The Bachelor Winter Games may have just dashed any hopes of him becoming the franchise's leading man anytime soon.