February 25, 2018
'Frozen The Musical' Offers Naked Sauna Scene Shocker, With Some Asking -- 'Has Disney Gone Too Far?'

Frozen the Musical is the latest Disney spectacular that has everyone talking today, but some of the chatter has to do with an unexpected naked scene that was a bit shocking to some in the audience. Disney's Frozen made its Broadway debut in a musical form after months of out-of-town premieres, getting their feet wet for New York City. It was nothing less than awe-inspiring when it came to watching the famous animated characters come to life, according to reports.

The scenery was spectacular for the musical spun from the biggest animated movie of all time and, according to Express U.K., Frozen the Musical is the "hottest ticket in town" today. The reactions from the audience members are described as people "gushing" over how Frozen was brought to life with the "lavish sets."

Still, some are questioning whether or not Disney went too far when it comes to the opening of the second act. Set in Oaken's famous sauna the audience was surprised by a rather "risque number" that had the cast members appearing naked.

Frozen the Musical cast includes Jelani Alladin as Kristoff and Patti Murin as Anna, with Andrew Pirozzi as Sven and Caissie Levy as Elsa. In the Disney movie, the characters happen to go into Wandering Oaken's sauna, but that scene is completely innocent -- in the movie that is.

When the musical version of Frozen plays out the scene of wandering into a sauna It is "with the rousing number 'Hygge' which apparently features fig leaves and little else to protect the actors' modesty in their cheeky bodysuit," describes the Express.

According to the Guardian, Thursday night, a line of 200 people formed outside the St. James Theater in New York, where Disney's Theatrical Productions had its Broadway debut of Frozen the Musical. For the musical, 12 new songs were added. The original team of composers reunited for this venture, which includes the husband and wife team of Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, along with writer Jennifer Lee.

A few people who talked to reporters outside the theater as the show was letting out said how they were "surprised" by one number in the show that had nudity, which was somewhat different coming from Disney.

It "was a little risque," as one of the audience members, Adam Kaufman, 43, described the scene. His friend Jean Mante, 36, said: "There was more nudity than expected from Disney." CET News reports that the kids attending the show found the scene funny, but some adults were a little taken back by this.